We live in the shadow of the UK’s most famous roller coaster…we hear screams from our living room but we’d never leave | The Sun

We live in the shadow of the UK’s most famous roller coaster…we hear screams from our living room but we’d never leave | The Sun

August 14, 2023

HOMEOWNERS living in the shadow of the UK's most famous roller coaster hear "screaming" all day – but say they "love" it.

The Big One ride, at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach, attracts millions of inconsiderate tourists each year who bring with them litter, noise pollution and traffic chaos.

Locals who live a "stonesthrow away" from the 213ft landmark, say they hear screams all day – and selfish visitors park right outside their homes.

Despite this, residents insist they love the area and wouldn't live anywhere else.

Parents Richard and Jade Horsefield welcomed their second baby just four-weeks ago but are still unbothered by the theme park "background noise".

Richard, 39, told The Sun Online: “It’s part of the atmosphere.

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“You get used to it, even if you’re outside playing in the garden something or having a party.

“It’s a bit like being at the Pleasure Beach!”

“It’s the sound of people having fun.”

He added: “We literally couldn’t get any closer, we’re just a stonesthrow away from it all!”

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Meanwhile Peter Dawson, who has lived in the area for 24 years, said he enjoys his front-row seat to the iconic ride.

“I love it," he said.

“I’ve got a balcony in the back just so I can see it from higher.

“I wish they had some bigger rides for visitors so they could scream even louder and get some thrills.”

“I’ve told me kids all my life, I’ve paid for them," he added.

“They love it.

“They say, ‘Dad you’ve spent a lot of money on fireworks."

But, the 52-year-old did admit that tourists used to spark a parking "nightmare" when they stole his spot.

However he sees no reason to move, adding: “I’m well happy here.”

Another homeowner, Kenneth Chadderton, agreed with the other content residents – and loves his free ticket to Pleasure Beach's firework shows.

Although the 82-year-old confessed visitors cause problems when they abandon their cars in the wrong place.

“I’ve seen people parking around the corner and getting tickets," he said.

“Some people even park in the alleyways to avoid getting one.”

A permit scheme was introduced to help ease parking tensions, which residents agreed was a "godsend".

Plasterer, Ian Deacon, 38, has lived beneath the Big One for five years, and insisted the rollercoaster didn’t bother him at all.

He continued: “You get used to it.

“I don’t even notice the screaming any more.

“And every now and again we get a free firework display.”

And local couple, Bill and Anne Roberts, claimed it was “very rare” to be disturbed by the sound of screams from the roller coaster.

I wish they had some bigger rides for visitors so they could scream even louder and get some thrills.”

Anne, 79, said: “We feel were are very lucky where we live compared to other areas of Blackpool.

“But the permit scheme was a godsend because I kept on getting in trouble with the police for putting out cones so my son and daughter had somewhere to park when they visited.

“The police would move the cones and tell me off for doing it!”

One unnamed resident said his £100,000 Pleasure Beach home was far better than £400,000 properties further down the coast.

“It’s great,” he said.

“Just five minutes walk and I can get to see both.”

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