Watch as hero Ryanair pilot pulls off amazing ‘SIDEWAYS’ landing in terrifying high winds | The Sun

Watch as hero Ryanair pilot pulls off amazing ‘SIDEWAYS’ landing in terrifying high winds | The Sun

October 4, 2022

INDREDIBLE footage filmed on the island of Madeira shows the moment a Ryanair pilot was forced to perform a "horizontal" landing in intense crosswinds.

The footage was captured by plane enthusiasts at Funchal Airport – also known as Cristiano Ronaldo Airport – where pilots face occasionally hairy-looking landings.

In the hair-raising video, the passenger jet can be seen approaching the tarmac sideways as the place faced strong wings due to mountain draft and high cross-winds.

As the Ryanair flight comes over the sea, the pilot tips the plane's wings down as he tried to line the jet with the runway.

With the plane coming closer to the ground, strong wings can be seen rocking the plane that shudders and rocks.

With less than 50 meters to go before touchdown, the pilot tilts the plane to the left of the runway – leaving the jet at a 45 degree angle.


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As the plane gets closer to the ground, the pilot skillfully shifts the jet so that its wheels and nose are aligned with the runway, and successfully touches down.

In comments below the video filmed by Madeira Aviation, an online user, who goes by the username Adam Uppsala, said he was the pilot who had landed the Ryanair flight in Madeira in May 2022.

"I was the pilot of this flight," Adam claimed.

"I'm very surprised someone was filming the touch down. Thank you very much for all your kind comments – they mean a lot. See you on board soon!"

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Another user said they had been on that flight coming into Madeira, and remembered vividly the tricky landing.

"I was a passenger on that flight that day! It was quite a scary landing, felt relieved to be on the ground, although the landing was really hard. My pilot did a great job!"

The video was filmed just months after planes battled to land at London Heathrow Airport as Storm Eunice whipped up wild winds of up to 122mph.

The storm – pegged to be one of the worst in decades – caused widespread disruption across the UK with dozens of flights cancelled.

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At the time, more than 200,000 people tuned in to watch a nerve-racking live stream from Big Jet TV of planes landing in the rampaging winds at Heathrow Airport.

Dozens of pilots were forced to abort landings in the treacherous conditions and do a go-around – when they head back up into the sky and make another attempt to land safely.

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