Vladimir Putin backs Theresa May over Brexit slamming second vote as ‘disrespectful to voters’

Vladimir Putin backs Theresa May over Brexit slamming second vote as ‘disrespectful to voters’

December 21, 2018

The Russian president, who has long been accused of undermining faith in Western democracy, also revealed ambitions to repair the relations between the two countries.

Speaking at his annual news conference, Putin warned the British PM she must respect the "will of the people".

He said: "In terms of Brexit, if it is carried through to the end, I can understand the prime minister's (Theresa May's) position…

"There was a referendum after all. What can she do?

"She must enact the will of the people, expressed during the referendum."

The Russian leader confirmed Moscow's relationship with London is still deadlocked but Mr Putin said he wanted to restore UK-Russia ties "from their current low".

He said: "It is in the interests of both countries, both governments to get out of this deadlock.

"Are we interested in restoring full relations with Britain? Yes, we are interested."

The relationship between the UK and Russia collapsed following the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

UK police identified Russian operatives Alexander Mishkin and Anatoliy Chepiga as the instigators behind the attack after they used the nerve agent novichok.

But Moscow has continued to deny the claims and Putin dismissed Britain's stance as a "politicised, Russophobic approach".

He said: "It's good that he wasn't killed… Thank God, Skripal is alive.

"It's simply an excuse to organise yet another attack on Russia.

"If there were no Skripals, they would have come up with something else, that's clear to me."

Elsewhere in the marathon press conference, Putin issued a chilling threat about the "end of all civilisation" if Russia's nuke row with the US escalates.

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