Video shows moose sliding between speeding cars across Canadian road

Video shows moose sliding between speeding cars across Canadian road

February 1, 2019

Hilarious moment a daredevil moose slips and slides between cars while running across a Canadian highway but emerges unscathed on the other side

  • Miguel Borges caught the moose’s perilous road crossing on his dashboard camera in Alberta, Canada, Tuesday
  • Video shows the moose making a dash across  Anthony Henday Drive in northwest Edmonton, only to hit black ice 
  • Moose loses its footing and slides between a pickup truck and a box truck 

A family traveling down an icy highway were startled to see a massive moose attempt to cross the busy three-lane road.

A dashboard camera inside Miguel Borges’ vehicle caught the moment the daredevil animal slipped on a patch of ice and narrowly avoided getting struck by passing vehicles in Alberta, Canada. 

Against overwhelming odds, the lucky moose managed to make it safely across Anthony Henday Drive in northwest Edmonton on Tuesday afternoon.

Wh did the moose cross the road? A driver in Alberta, Canada, on Tuesday captured a moose crossing a road in Edmonton  

The moose briefly lost its footing and slid on the ice between a pickup truck and a box truck

Borges later shared the nail-biting video on YouTube, giving it the amusing title: ‘Northern Canadian Problems #7 – Moose.’ 

The video began with Borges, his wife and three children spotting a pair of moose prancing on the side of the road.  

At first, Borges’ wife drew her kids’ attention to the animals running alongside the flow of traffic.

But all that changed as soon as one of the moose decided to make a mad dash across the road.

‘Don’t look!’ the mom is heard telling her kids.

The hulking animal came dangerously close to being run over on the slippery road

Meanwhile, the daredevil moose made a run for it across the highway, but hit a patch of black ice, which caused it to momentarily lose its footing.

The moose escaped unscathed after sliding between a pickup truck and a large box truck, eliciting gasps of shock from the occupants of Borges’ car. 

Speaking to Global News, Borges said the situation inside the car was ‘very tense.’ 

‘It went from, “Hey kids, look at the cute moose” to, “Hey kids, don’t look!”‘ he recounted. 

The second moose seen in the video made no attempt to follow in the other animal’s hoofsteps across the slick highway.  

Elk-cellent outcome: In the end, the moose managed to safely cross the road and trot away

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