VIDEO: Man stops runaway boat on Washington state street

VIDEO: Man stops runaway boat on Washington state street

July 2, 2021

Whatever halts your boat! Moment man desperately tries to stop runaway speedboat rolling down street

  • A man desperately clung onto his boat as it rolled down a hill in Washington 
  • The trailer’s handbrake failed propelling the boat down the hill at speed 
  • The footage was captured on a neighbour’s CCTV camera and posted online 

This is the hilarious moment a man desperately tries to stop his speedboat rolling down a road. 

The unidentified boat owner had left the yellow speedboat on the side of the road in Everett, Washington. 

Unfortunately for the man, his boat began rolling down the hill out of control.   

The man tried desperately to cling onto his boat as it rolled down the hill in Everett, Washington state

The man kept holding onto the side of his boat but was unable to stop it going downhill

The man can be seen desperately clinging on to the side of the boat which is on a single axle trailer. The trailer started rolling when the jockey wheel on the front pointed downhill and the handbrake failed. 

The man was dragged along with the boat as he tried to stop the trailer from rolling down the hill. 

Luckily for the man and his boat, as the trailer went through the junction there was no car or truck passing which could have led to disaster. 

After his terrifying trip, the boat came to a rest against the sidewalk without suffering any damage. 

Just moments after the boat stopped, a car drove through the junction. 

The footage was uploaded on the internet by one of the boat owner’s neighbours. 

Commentators online suggested the man should have used a trailer with hydraulic brakes.

Another had a more practical suggestion: ‘Push the front of the boat or more accurately the front of the trailer up hill steer it don’t chase it. Not sure who’s boat it was.’

Everett, which is most famous for being the home of Boeing, is in the Pacific north west and an ideal location for a boat owner due to its ready access to the water – with hundreds of miles of sheltered inlets. 

The man was incredibly fortunate that when the boat crossed the junction there were no other vehicles heading the other way

Amazingly, the boat came to a rest on the side of the road without hitting any other traffic 

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