UK's youngest MP Nadia Whittome, 23, to give away huge slice of salary

UK's youngest MP Nadia Whittome, 23, to give away huge slice of salary

December 15, 2019

UK’s youngest MP Nadia Whittome, 23, pledges to donate a huge slice of her £80,000 pay to charity so she only earns a ‘worker’s wage’ of £35,000

  • Nadia Whittome won seat of Nottingham East for Labour Party on December 12
  • The 23-year-old said she would only take home a ‘worker’s wage’ as an MP
  • MPs earn almost £80,000 a year but Ms Whittome intends to pocket £35,000 

The UK’s youngest MP has promised to give away a huge slice of her £80,000 salary to charity because she only wants to earn a ‘worker’s wage’.

Nadia Whittome, 23, won the Nottingham East seat for Labour at the general election and she has said she intends to pocket £35,000 after tax.

The rest of her salary will be donated to charities in her constituency. 

Ms Whittome took the seat for Labour last week after the incumbent, former shadow chancellor Chris Leslie, quit the party and joined Change UK. 

Mr Leslie did contest the seat he had held since 2010 but he only managed to secure 1,447 votes as he came fourth while Ms Whittome finished first with a majority of more than 17,000.    

Nadia Whittome, 23, intends to hand over a large portion of her MP’s salary to charity

MPs currently earn £79,468 before tax but Ms Whittome said she would not accept the full wage. 

She suggested she would only take home more of her salary once public sector workers received a big pay rise.

She told the Nottinghamshire Live website: ‘It’s not about philanthropy and it’s not that MPs don’t deserve that salary, it’s the fact our teaching assistants, nurses and firefighters do as well.

‘When they get the pay rise they deserve, so will I. I hope this decision sparks a conversation about earnings.

‘It’s the greatest honour of my life to represent my home city where I was born and bred.’ 

Ms Whittome’s victory on December 12 was one of the Labour Party’s few bright spots on an otherwise disastrous night as it lost dozens of seats and the Tories surged to a massive majority. 

She said the party now has ‘lessons to learn’ and Labour must figure out what ‘went wrong’ in order to prevent a repeat performance in the future. 

However, she repeated a claim made by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell as she suggested Labour had been crushed because of Brexit rather than because of any other issues. 

An Opinium survey, conducted on the day of the election, showed Mr Corbyn and the party leadership was the most cited reason among voters for not backing Labour. 

Of all the people who did not vote Labour, some 43 per cent said the main reason was the leadership. 

The party’s tortured Brexit stance was the second most cited reason on 17 per cent with Labour’s hard-left economic policies coming in third on 12 per cent.  

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