UK weather: Heavy rain to batter Britain tomorrow before temperatures soar to balmy 22C this week

UK weather: Heavy rain to batter Britain tomorrow before temperatures soar to balmy 22C this week

September 13, 2021

BRITAIN is set to be soaked with heavy rain and thunder tomorrow before it can enjoy a dose of sunshine later in the week.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rain across much of England on Tuesday before the mercury soars to 22C on Thursday.

Downpours are expected to last from 6am until midnight tomorrow, with thunder and flooding hitting some places.

The Met Office warns: "Some areas will see up to 40mm of rain leading to some flooding and disruption.

"However, there is a small chance that this rain will especially intense in a few places with 50-70 mm possible, and more significant disruption where this occurs."

The east of England got a good lashing of rain today, while the Midlands, North East and parts of the South West are all set to get soaked tomorrow.

Forecasters say things will clear slowly northeastwards throughout the day, but could last into the night across parts of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Despite tomorrow's grim conditions, temperatures are set soar later in the week, climbing higher than 20C between September 14 and September 22.


And although the Met Office has warned it's unlikely Brits will see the same scorching 30C heat as last week, the aftermath of Hurricane Larry could bring a few days of balmy temperatures.

The hurricane made landfall in Newfoundland, Canada, on Saturday, but the energy and heat of the storm will have an effect on the jet stream over the UK.

As the beginning of autumn rolls in, Hurricane Larry has sparked hopes of a last blast of heat for the UK.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: "At the moment it does look like high pressure will be the more dominant feature.

"It won't be as crazily warm as it was through the first half of this week and it will be cold at night, but it could mean fine and dry weather.

"The battle between high and low pressure will continue into the start of next week.

"On the face of it, it does look like the high is going to win out, but low pressure to the south can't be ruled out.

"It depends on the exact position of the jet stream, and how things interact with Hurricane Larry."

While Friday should see a spell of rain, it will stay warm, with the Met Office forecast suggesting continued heat and dry conditions for many at the weekend and into next week.

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: “With Larry's bundle of energy near Iceland, winds from southern latitudes could send the mercury into the mid-20s – just like last week.

“Remarkable warmth was seen last week, and some may welcome another fine spell after a poor August.”

Another Met Office forecaster added: “As ex-Hurricane Larry approaches Iceland, we drag in warmer weather from Tuesday.

“Monday and Tuesday has rain but also bright spells, with many regions dry on Wednesday and Thursday with sunny spells.

“Friday has a spell of rain for many areas – but through the weekend and beyond has a signal for mostly fine and dry weather in the South and East, with temperatures near to above-average.”

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