UK weather – Brits to be hit by snow TODAY with warnings for ice after -6C Arctic plunge

UK weather – Brits to be hit by snow TODAY with warnings for ice after -6C Arctic plunge

February 5, 2022

AN arctic plunge is on its way with temperatures as low as -6C this weekend as Brits are warned to watch out for ice and snow.

A Yellow weather warning has been issued as snow showers are expected to pack in on Saturday night.

We're in for a windy and wintry weekend, the Met Office has said.

Sunday could see the mercury plummet to as low as -6C across western Scotland as an icy surge comes in from the North West as the snow hits this evening.

But for most for the South, it'll feel damp and blustery with temperatures staying above freezing.

Despite a milder weather front on Saturday for much of England, the frost will creep back in for Sunday for much of Northern England.

Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: "There'll be wintry showers across western Scotland on Friday evening, potentially disrupting any higher routes.

"For Saturday morning, cloud and rain pushing into Scotland could be mixed in with snow, potentially even to low levels before it moves east."

It'll be a dry start with clear skies on Saturday morning especially in the Midlands and eastern England, he says.

For the South, he added: "There'll be enough wind to stop temperatures falling too far, dropping down close to freezing in most towns and cities , just below in rural spots.

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And wet weather will move into Northern Ireland, northern England and much of Wales by the afternoon.

But Alex Deakin added: "It'll remain dry on Saturday in the South with the highest temperatures as well but still with a strong wind that will temper the feel.

For Saturday night and into Sunday another Met office weather warning for snow has been issued for Scotland.

"The snow will be down to low levels, a couple of centimetres likely to build up in a few places with more in higher areas," the meteorologist said.

"The South is looking grey and damp across England and Wales on Sunday but it will brighten up as the day goes on, especially in the Midlands and the North East."

Intermittent rain and drizzle will dominate the South for much of Sunday, as temperatures reach double figures around 10C.

In the north, colder air will return, despite the measuring an average of around 6C,it'll feel closer to freezing due to an icy wind.

Expect snow showers in much of Scotland with the warnings in place from 5pm today until 3pm tomorrow and a second for the same hours for Sunday.

Scots in the western highlands and lowlands are advised to take caution while travelling for icy roads and snow hazards.

A mixture is expected for Northern Ireland with sleet, hail and snowy drizzles.

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