UK weather: Brits shelter from the rain as weekend brings hail and lightning – but August heatwave is on the way

UK weather: Brits shelter from the rain as weekend brings hail and lightning – but August heatwave is on the way

August 7, 2021

BRITS will face a weekend washout, with downpours, lightning and even hail – but an August heatwave is finally on the way.

The UK's bleak summertime will continue in miserable style today and tomorrow, with experts predicting unseasonably grim weather.

But in much more cheerful news, brighter days are on the way – and a plume of heat straight from the Mediterranean is set to bring 30C sunshine soon.

It means there will soon be an end to the relentless rainstorms which have brought flooding misery to millions in the past few weeks.

Before that, however, we're being told to brace for plenty of rain, with weather warnings in place today and tomorrow.

The first, in force today, covers a stretch of the UK between the Highlands of Scotland and Sandbach, Cheshire.

Scotland will take another drenching tomorrow, while people living as far south as Derby are also advised to pack an umbrella on any trips out.


Forecasters said some areas could see 20 to 30mm of rain over the space of an hour on Saturday – after 40 to 60mm of rain fell in parts on Friday.

As the bad weather continues into tomorrow, some areas could see 80mm – more than three inches.

The bad weather is already causing flooding in London.

Trains were this morning unable to stop at the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Line platforms at Liverpool Street.

In Tooting, pavements were covered with water, while traffic on the Kingston bypass was forced into a single lane by flooding under a bridge.

Meanwhile, bookies say it's an odds-on shot that this will be the wettest summer on record.

Ladbrokes has slashed odds from 5/4 to just 4/6 on the season entering the record books as the more miserable ever.

Alex Apati of the bookmakers said: "It's looking increasingly likely this summer will enter the record books for all the wrong reasons with even more rain ready to batter Britain."

Temperatures this weekend will also be on the cooler side, reaching highs of the low 20s.

Tomorrow, the mercury is expected to peak at a miserly 22C.

Spokesman Grahame Madge said: “I think everywhere can expect to see quite heavy showers."

But the weather is set to cheer up considerably – at last – within the next fortnight.

Forecaster Netweather says Europe will be blanketed by hot air from August 19.

On that date, the mercury will soar across the country, it's believed.

Meanwhile, Met Office officials predict "hotter than normal" weather towards the end of the month.

Brian Gaze, a forecaster for Weather Outlook, said there will be a "very hot pattern" later in the month.

"Europe setting up a potentially very hot pattern towards the end of the 10 day run," he said.

"The first half [of August] will see mixed with showers or longer periods of rain, but also warm and fine spells.

"The driest weather will probably be in the south and east, but a heightened risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms means local variations could be large."

The weatherman said temperatures could rise above average, with the second half of August promising "settled and very warm periods".

BBC Weather is also predicting "summer-like" weather for the end of August as high pressure systems push over from the Mediterreanean Sea.

A forecast covering a stretch between Monday, August 16, and Sunday, August 29 reveals high pressure will "push lows away to the north and allow for some warmer, drier, and more summer-like weather".

"At first, mid-August will likely see a continuation of the unsettled, cooler, and wetter pattern we expect for the first half of the month," forecasters say.

"As high pressure slowly pushes northward from the Mediterranean Sea, low-pressure systems caught in the storm track and driven by the jet stream will be deflected northward too.

"Drier weather should spread in from the south, and this will also bring in a warmer, more tropical air mass to the UK."

Brits were told to expect "warmer than normal" temps into late August, with some "very warm or hot days possible if high pressure moves overhead for too long".

"If the high does linger overhead, a heatwave may develop as well, but confidence is low on this," the BBC team say.

"Chances for heat increase later in the month, but high pressure will need to move into the correct spot for this to pan out.”

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