Two traumatised kids found begging murdered mum to wake up after ‘jealous husband’ strangled her with mobile phone cord

Two traumatised kids found begging murdered mum to wake up after ‘jealous husband’ strangled her with mobile phone cord

February 4, 2019

Hair stylist Anastasia Orlova, 27, had been “stabbed then strangled with a mobile phone cable”, according to police.

The devastated boys aged two and four were kneeling beside their mother’s body on the floor of their home in the Russian city of Tambov.

They were “shaking her and begging her to wake up”, said police reports.

The couple’s six year old daughter was staying with relatives and did not witness the killing.


Their unnamed father had called police and ambulance after attacking the woman when she came home “tipsy” and “smelling of male aftershave” at 2am after a night out, it was reported.

When officers arrived the 26 -year- old man was calmly "mopping up the blood” beside the weeping children, it was alleged.

Earlier the children had been woken by the couple’s row.

One report based on police sources said: “She was drunk and her husband could smell ‘male perfume’ on her.

“He took out a knife and chased his wife around the flat.

“In front of their children, he stabbed her several times.

“Then he pushed her down on the floor, and beat her on the face. She was bleeding and he then strangled her with a cable.”

He called police and ambulance before phoning his wife’s parents.


He told her distraught mother: “It seems to me that I have killed your daughter.”

When police arrived they saw the “crying children on their knees near the dead body of the mother, shaking her, and begging her to wake up.

“The calm killer was washing blood from the floor next to them.”

Police said he confessed to the killing and later showed detectives in a crime-scene reconstruction how he had murdered his wife.

He said: “It was about 2.40 am when I cut off the cable and looped it around her neck.

“Right here on the floor I strangled her.”

Senior detective Alexander Scherbakov said: “When the crime was committed, the two younger children of the couple were at home. They could not sleep, they witnessed everything.”

A spokesman for Tambov regional Investigative Committee said: “The suspect has been arrested by order of a court.

“The investigation is in progress, aiming to establish all the circumstances of this crime.”

If convicted, the husband faces up to 15 years in jail.


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