Two Bristol police stations put on lockdown in coronavirus scare after Chinese detainee complained of flu symptoms – The Sun

Two Bristol police stations put on lockdown in coronavirus scare after Chinese detainee complained of flu symptoms – The Sun

January 23, 2020

A POLICE station in Bristol was placed on lockdown over fears an arrested Chinese national had deadly coronavirus.

The killer disease is feared to be spreading across the globe after more than 600 confirmed cases and 25 deaths in China.

The virus appears to have originated in the city of Wuhan and has already spread to Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and the US.

Avon and Somerset Police has now confirmed a Chinese national showed symptoms of the virus in custody after being arrested yesterday and had recently been in contact with people from the Wuhan area.

Trinity Road Police Station in Bristol and Patchway Police Centre were both closed as health bosses assessed if they have been hit by the outbreak.

It was later established the detainee was not suffering from coronavirus and both sites were re-opened this morning.

A force statement said: "At just before 7pm on Wednesday 22 January, staff at the custody unit at Patchway Police Centre became aware of a detainee displaying flu-like symptoms.

"There were initial concerns that the detainee, a Chinese national, may have had contact with people who had recently travelled from the Wuhan area of China.

"Following precautionary advice from the NHS and health practitioners, Patchway Police Centre was temporarily closed along with Trinity Road Police Station in Bristol, where officers involved in the arrest had travelled to.

"As well as the officers and members of police staff, there was one member of the public at Trinity Road Police Station, who was asked to remain in the building as a precaution while we sought further advice.

"Following expert advice from Public Health England, it was established this was not a case of the much-publicised novel coronavirus and both stations were fully re-opened at just after midnight. The detainee has been given the appropriate medical attention and remains in custody at this time."

One member of the public who attended the station to give a statement when he was told he would have to remain at the station while it was 'under quarantine'.

He said: "After I gave the statement I went to the toilet, when I came out I was told 'we have some bad news'.

"They told me to stay after a Chinese national had been arrested at Patchway and the officers had come to Trinity.

"The stations were under quarantine. I was well looked after – the officers even managed to get a Dominos ordered."


Disease expert Professor Neil Ferguson fears the coronavirus could already have arrived in the UK on one of the three flights a week from Wuhan, China, where the virus originated.

Passengers from China were waved into Britain with NO checks sparking fears the deadly killer coronavirus could spread to the UK.

Holidaymakers touching down at London Heathrow from Wuhan, where up to 10,000 people are thought to have become infected, were shocked as they were simply handed a leaflet and told to call NHS 111 if they felt ill.

At airports in other cities with direct flights to Wuhan, body temperatures of passengers arriving from China have been closely monitored.

But travellers arriving in the UK from the city were given leaflets explaining how they can seek help if they become unwell while in the UK.

Aircraft from the Chinese city are landing in an isolated area of Heathrow Terminal 4 to limit the potential spread of the infection.

One arrival today said: "All we got was a leaflet, that's it.

"It seems odd because I knew American cities were screening. I was not screened leaving Wahun, or in the UK. I didn't see anybody get screened. It would have made sense."

Officials say they have no plans to introduce blanket temperature screening of all passengers – as the measure has failed in the past.

Public Health England has upgraded the coronavirus risk to the UK from "very low" to "low".

The Department of Health and Social Care said that from today enhanced monitoring will be in place from all direct flights from Wuhan to the UK.

A team of healthcare experts will now meet each direct flight aircraft to provide advice and support to those that feel unwell.

The once buzzing city of Wuhan show it has been reduced to a ghost town as the authorities there ban all travel on public transport.

Images from the Central Hospital of Wuhan show doctors in the intensive care unit wearing hazmat suits.

At least 20 medics in the country have also been infected with the highly contagious bug while treating patients, officials said.

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