Twenty-five commuters squeeze through one train station ticket gate

Twenty-five commuters squeeze through one train station ticket gate

January 10, 2019

Cheaps-gate! Twenty-five commuters squeeze through one ticket barrier at a train station after paying for single fare

  • Crowd of 25 people sprinted through ticket gates on Barcelona’s underground 
  • They rushed through in single file while panicking they’d get cut off eventually
  • Amazingly, all 25 made it through – prompting jubilant celebrations on other side

This is the cheeky moment 25 commuters rushed through a train station ticket gate after paying for a single fare.

In single file, they waited for the gate to open before squeezing through the barrier, each with their arms on the back of the person in front.

They could be heard screaming and shouting as they anticipated the gate closing and cutting some of them off.

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Twenty-five commuters run through a ticket gate on the Barcelona subway after paying for just one ticket

Amazingly, everyone managed to get through and beat the barriers in the race against time.  

Their success prompted jubilant celebrations as members of the group jumped up and down and cheered on the other side.

The footage was captured at the weekend and appeared to be filmed on Barcelona’s Metro system.

The group jump up and down and celebrate wildly after successfully making it through the barrier

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