Tucker Carlson slams 'manipulative opportunist' Meghan Markle

Tucker Carlson slams 'manipulative opportunist' Meghan Markle

March 10, 2021

‘Wedding row with Kate was Meghan Markle’s 9/11’: Tucker Carlson lampoons ‘manipulative opportunist’ Duchess of Sussex and calls out hypocrisy of claiming to be silenced victim while doing Oprah interview watched by 50 million

  • Fox News’ Tucker Carlson insisted he was uninterested in Harry and Meghan
  • He then devoted his opening segment to mocking the Duke and Duchess
  • ‘He’s weak and unhappy, and she’s a manipulative opportunist,’ Carlson said
  • He mocked Meghan’s row with Kate over bridesmaids dresses as ‘her 9/11’
  • Carlson also took aim at Meghan’s claim that she was silenced by the Palace
  • He compared her to ‘silenced’ figures Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama 

Meghan Markle has been described by Tucker Carlson as a ‘manipulative opportunist’, with the Fox News host mocking her for bringing up a tearful row with Kate Middleton shortly before her wedding – something he ridiculed as ‘her 9/11’.

Carlson insisted at the start of his show on Tuesday night that he did not want to discuss Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired on Sunday night and was watched by 49.1 million worldwide.

‘Who cares?’ he asked, dismissing other news networks as ‘natural fan girls with no respect, so of course they love the royals’.

Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday night he had no interest in ‘Prince Whatever-His-Name’

Carlson described Harry as ‘weak and unhappy’ and Meghan ‘a manipulative opportunist’

He said he had no interest in ‘Prince Whatever-His-Name-Is and his angry wife from Los Angeles,’ before dedicating his opening segment to the couple.

‘He’s weak and unhappy, and she’s a manipulative opportunist,’ Carlson said.

Carlson mockingly referred to Meghan and Kate’s row about bridesmaids dresses as ‘her 9/11’

‘So we were going to take a hard pass. And then we saw this.’

Carlson shared a clip of the 39-year-old Duchess of Sussex being asked by Winfrey about reports she made Kate Middleton cry.

Markle said ‘the reverse happened’ and told Winfrey: ‘A few days before the wedding, she was upset about something pertaining to, yes, the issue was correct, about flower girl dresses, and it made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings.’

Carlson continued: ‘So that was the princess or duchess or whatever she is.

‘Here’s this royal person, one of the most famous and fawned-over people in the world telling Oprah that she was incredibly wounded because she got into some kind of petty argument about dresses with her sister-in-law at her wedding three years ago.’

‘So stop the presses.

‘She and her sister-in-law had a tiff about clothes. That’s never happened before.

‘She thinks this is important to bring up in a television interview. It was her 9/11. So of course she considers it newsworthy.’ 

Carlson mockingly said that when she goes to the gym, ‘it is treated like the moon landing’.

Carlson ridiculed the couple for being self-indulgent and out of touch

And he ridiculed her for telling Winfrey that she felt stifled and trapped inside the Palace machine.

‘She’s actually an oppressed victim,’ he deadpanned.

‘She may look powerful but she’s powerless.’

In response to Markle saying she was silenced, Carlson told viewers: ‘A rational person might consider this claim absurd, but amazingly no one else seems to think it is. Oprah clearly doesn’t think it’s absurd.

‘You’re not allowed to make fun of this.

‘Our friend Piers Morgan did that on television in the UK and had to resign from his job.’

Carlson concluded that it was not just Markle, but a number of ‘powerful people decid[ing] that they are oppressed,’ and pointed to Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and New York Times tech reporter Taylor Lorenz. 

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