Trumps, Obamas, and Clintons’ Greetings Include ‘Cold Shoulder’ At Bush Funeral

Trumps, Obamas, and Clintons’ Greetings Include ‘Cold Shoulder’ At Bush Funeral

December 6, 2018

The present and former presidential couples appeared to embark on an awkward greeting at the George Bush Funeral today.

Donald and Melania Trump greeted Michelle and Barack Obama at the funeral services held for George H.W. Bush today, and it seems some reports put the Clintons as being left out of a handshake greeting from the president. A group of six of the world’s most influential people sat side-by-side today, but the tension was seen on some of their faces as the camera panned on the group.

This group consisted of Donald and Melania Trump, along with past presidents and their spouses. The gathering also included Hillary Clinton, who is not only a former first lady but Trump’s 2016 presidential rival as well.

Trump has said some rather negative things about the Clintons and the Obamas in the past. As such, it could be easy for many to understand why reports have detailed how the seating arrangements appeared to be uncomfortable for the group.

While Donald and Melania Trump acknowledged the Clintons when first arriving, he only shook Barack and Michelle Obama’s hands. There wasn’t any hand extended to Bill Clinton or Hillary, according to the Guardian. With that said, the photos show how far away Donald Trump was from Bill and Hillary Clinton. Extending his hand that far away looks virtually impossible.

The Guardian also described how Trump “gives the cold shoulder to the Clintons,” yet another report has Trump leaning over specifically to catch Hillary’s eye and giving her a wave. That report by the Boston Globe has Hillary acknowledging Trump’s wave with a “terse nod.”

The Boston Globe also painted Hillary as someone who “did not even spare Trump a glance.” CNN deemed the present and former White House dwellers as the “uneasy president’s club” convening at George H.W. Bush’s funeral.

CNN also reported on how Trump shook the hands of both Barack and Michelle Obama, but not the hands of Bill or Hillary Clinton. Many news articles today focused on Donald Trump’s past words for the presidents who came before him, as well his contentious comments previously directed toward Hillary Clinton.

At the same time, not too much was mentioned about Bill and Hillary’s latest road show. Reports about the Clintons’ speaking tour included a series of negative Trump comments. On their first stop of this paid speaking tour, they only sold about 3,300 seats in an arena that holds 19,000, per a previous Fox News report.

During their first stop on this tour, Bill Clinton said that Trump had “compromised” the “moral leadership” of the U.S. for the world. Hillary Clinton also churned off a series of shots against Trump when it was her turn to talk.

Hillary Clinton talked about Trump’s opinion of himself, as transcribed by CNN.

“He said today that his gut and his opinion is a lot smarter than peoples’ brains. Literally, you can’t make this stuff up. A dozen times your head is spinning.”

This was one of the several shots she reportedly took at Trump during their first event on their speaking tour.

In addition, Michelle Obama wrote in her memoir about how Trump’s birther conspiracy endangered her daughters. So while the news focuses on what Trump has said about the past presidents and his 2016 opponent, there has also been plenty said about him. With that said, there’s probably a good reason that this group appeared somewhat uncomfortable at times today.

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