Trump will beat Biden in EVERY Sun Belt state despite ex-VP being ahead in polls, adviser predicts

Trump will beat Biden in EVERY Sun Belt state despite ex-VP being ahead in polls, adviser predicts

November 2, 2020

A SENIOR adviser on Donald Trump’s campaign has predicted a clean sweep of the Sunbelt states in favor of the president – contradicting what polls are suggesting now of a competitive race.

 “We feel very good. We think that President Trump is going to hold all the Sunbelt states that he won previously,” Jason Miller told ABC’s This Week, referring to Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

The four Sunbelt states represent a total of 71 electoral votes – which will be critical for President Trump to secure a reelection.

If his prediction comes to furnishing, Miller told the outlet that Joe Biden would have to win four other competitive states – Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Along with those four states and the results of the many states considered safe would prevent Trump from reaching the 270 electoral votes needed to be reelection.

Miller’s comments come despite public polling that shows Trump trailing Biden in several of those key background states.

ABC’s FiveThirtyEight’s polling average shows Biden holding an advantage in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania – while maintaining a near nine-point lead in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Miller also referred to the potential for a “red mirage” – the appearance of a Trump lead on Tuesday evening due to a quicker count of in-person Election Day votes.

“If you speak with many smart Democrats, they believe that President Trump will be ahead on election night, probably getting 280 electoral (votes) somewhere in that range.

“And then they’re going to try to steal it back after the election,” Miller said, suggesting that early leads would guarantee Trump electoral votes and that all ballots arriving after Election Day are invalid.

Some states’ laws allow for the tabulation of votes prior to Election Day, 16 require the count to wait until Tuesday and 17 more prevent their tabulation until polls close.

A number of states, including North Carolina and Pennsylvania provide several days for ballots postmarked by Tuesday to reach county clerk and election office.

Multiple Pennsylvania counties announced they will not begin to calculate their absentee results until Wednesday.

"We believe that we will be over 290 electoral votes on election night, so no matter what they tried to do, what kind of hijinks or lawsuits or whatever kind of nonsense they try to pull off.

"We're still going to have enough electoral votes to get President Trump re-elected," Miller added.

A new poll from Des Moines Register suggests Trump has surged ahead in the key swing state of Iowa.

The poll, which was released Monday, proposed Trump has a slim chance of pulling off another huge upset – a similar feat he achieved in his 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton.

The poll showed the president was seven points ahead of Biden with a day until the election.

The same late poll in 2016 was one of the few showing that Trump could win the White House.

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