Trump trolls Biden by saying he ‘cannot pass cognitive tests he aced’… and challenges ex-VP to ‘give it a try’ – The Sun

Trump trolls Biden by saying he ‘cannot pass cognitive tests he aced’… and challenges ex-VP to ‘give it a try’ – The Sun

July 3, 2020

DONALD Trump issued a stinging rebuke to Joe Biden saying the Presidential hopeful wouldn't pass a simple cognitive test.

On Thursday, the President took to Twitter to troll his gaff-prone opponent after Biden assured Americans he'd been tested for cognitive issues.

"He cannot pass the test I 'aced,'" Trump tweeted last night, alongside a Breitbard article entitled Joe Biden‘s Claims of Cognitive Tests Unclear as Campaign Hides Results.

"He should give it a try!!!" he added, after Biden said he had been tested for any cognitive issued after a number of highly publicized gaffes.

Trump's family soon weighed into the debate on Friday morning.

"Why isn’t the mainstream media calling for Joe Biden to release the results of his cognitive test?" Donald Trump Jr. demanded in a tweet this morning.

Most recently, Biden told reporters 120 million people had died from COVID-19 when the figure at the time was around 122,000.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Biden was asked by a reporter if he'd been checked out for “cognitive decline,” at the end of a Q&A session

“I’ve been tested. I’ve been tested constantly,” Biden insisted, before issuing a jibe at Trump.

"I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against."

His statement came after it emerged that 38 percent of likely voters thought he may be suffering from mental decline ahead of the US Presidential Election in less than five months time.

The latest Rasmussen Report's national telephone and online survey found that nearly four-out-of-10 voters believe Biden has dementia while most voters – including just over half of the Democratic participants – wanting him to publicly address the issue.

But a Washington Post columnist said concerns about his health was just a political strategy and cited “the Trumpworld talking point that Biden is hiding in his basement.”

The public spat between Biden and Trump has intensified as new Pew poll addressing attitudes towards the Presidential candidates emerged – and Biden is in the lead.

The former Vice President is leading Trump among national registered voters by 54 percent to 44 percent, according to these findings.

Biden has a 35-point advantage in terms of who is more “even-tempered,” while only 25 percent thought Trump's temper was even.

When it came to being a “good role model,” Biden scored a 15-point advantage (46 percent).

Regarding who “cares about the needs of ordinary people,” Biden tops Trump by 13 points, and in terms of being “honest,” Biden is in the lead by 12 points.

But Trump has a 16-point lead – 56 percent to 40 percent – when people were asked which candidate was more "energetic."

"As has been the case throughout his presidency, and even during his successful campaign for the White House four years ago, Trump continues to engender strong loyalty – and intense opposition," Pew researchers noted.


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