Trump to make case for border wall in prime-time address

Trump to make case for border wall in prime-time address

January 9, 2019

President Trump wants to take his case for his long-promised wall on the Mexican border to the American public during a prime-time address to the nation from the Oval Office Tuesday night.

“I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern,” the commander-in-chief wrote on Twitter.

But CNN and others reported that the networks had not agreed to hand over valuable prime time to the president.

“He calls us fake news all the time, but needs access to airwaves… If we give him the time, he’ll deliver a fact-free screed without rebuttal. And if we don’t give him the time, he’ll call every network partisan. So we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t,” an unidentified “TV exec” said in a text to the cable network.

In November 2014, the broadcast networks turned down President Obama’s request for a prime-time slot to talk about immigration, an address that was carried on cable.

The White House earlier announced that Trump would visit the southern border Thursday to get a close look at what the president repeatedly calls a “crisis” — a description that Democrats dismissed as fantasy.

The Democrat-controlled House passed spending bills that would fund the government agencies that have shut down until Sept. 30, and Homeland Security until Feb. 8, giving the parties time to negotiate border security.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose chamber passed nearly identical bills last year, refuses to allow the Senate to vote on the measures because Trump has threatened he would veto them.

The president initially said he would be proud to force a shutdown and shoulder the blame.

But he’s since changed his tune and tried to blame Democrats for the shutdown.

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