Top US general warns Iran is likely 'plotting major Middle East attack' after Saudi oil strikes

Top US general warns Iran is likely 'plotting major Middle East attack' after Saudi oil strikes

November 24, 2019

THE commander of US Central Command has claimed it is "very possible" Iran will launch another devastating attack on its neighbours.

General Kenneth McKenzie's stark warning came just 10 weeks after a shocking drone and missile strike on Saudi Arabia's massive oil facilities.

Tehran was accused of masterminding the attack which crippled the world's largest refinery on September 14 – and sent oil prices soaring.

McKenzie said Iran is continuously undermining stability in the Middle East and said the targeting of Saudi Aramco was "pretty indicative of a nation that is behaving irresponsibly."

"My judgement is that it is very possible they will attack again," he then added.

He revealed Tehran has been investing heavily in its ballistic missile arsenal –  in a bid to strike more terror across the region.

"I wouldn't discount anything from Iran," he added.

"When a nation behaves that irresponsibly, you have to be very cautious when you evaluate what they might do in the future."

A senior US military official in the region also revealed the threat Iran poses to desalination plants in the Gulf, reports the Mail Online.

It's reported this could spark a huge humanitarian crisis as they are the region's primary source of drinking water for millions of people.

Up to 20 drones were thought to be involved in the September attack, with some of the unmanned craft powered by jet engines. 

Tehran quickly denied any involvement in the incident – which  experts dubbed the "equivalent of 9/11" to the global oil industry.

The US and France are now boosting Saudi Arabia's radar defence systems.

They also touted rival versions of maritime missions to protect Gulf waters at a Bahrain security forum on Saturday.

"We are working with the Saudis to increase the networking of their systems. That will make them better able to defend against this type of threats," McKenzie told reporters.

He said boosting US military presence at Prince Sultan Air Base south of Riyadh, in addition to large bases in Qatar and Bahrain, would "complicate an adversary's ability to target you".

French Defence Minister Florence Parly said Paris was separately sending Riyadh "a robust package of advanced warning", including radars, to confront low-altitude attacks.

"It will be in Saudi Arabia in the coming days so it will be operational very, very rapidly. But there is an analysis to be done in order to better identify how to fill the gap," she later told reporters.

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