Today’s coronavirus update: Reopened states doing OK; Billionaires getting richer

Today’s coronavirus update: Reopened states doing OK; Billionaires getting richer

May 22, 2020

A trio of large Southern states that moved aggressively to reopen during the coronavirus crisis have seen new cases and deaths largely hold steady since then — despite several controversies in regard to their data.

Georgia, which scrapped its stay-at-home order on April 24, reported 862 cases Thursday — fewer than the 946 new cases the day before, according to state data.

Florida, which began reopening on May 4, reported 1,204 new cases, bringing the total to 48,675.

Meanwhile, President Trump says all places of worship should be considered “essential services” and urged governors to reopen them immediately.

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Here’s what else we learned today:

Around the US:

  • The frightening Kawasaki-like inflammatory illness linked to the coronavirus is now hitting young adults in their 20s, not just children,  according to doctors.
  • In what researchers are heralding as a “milestone,” the first COVID-19 vaccine to reach clinical trials in humans was determined to be safe and to generate an immune response against the virus.

Who’s getting rich:

  • Cannabis stocks are soaring after scientists revealed they have high hopes that strong strains of marijuana might help ward off the deadly coronavirus.
  • The combined fortunes of America’s billionaires — including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg — have ballooned by $434 billion during the pandemic.
  • White House economists say the third quarter of 2020 will likely show the most growth ever in US history due to reopenings.


  • The president also announced that the US will not shut down again if a second wave of coronavirus. infections hits the country, saying, “We’re going to put out the fires…but we’re not closing our country.”
  • The Mets and the Yankees might resume training in Florida ahead of a proposed Major League Baseball season.

In other news…

  • The demand for sex dolls has shot up so much amid the quarantine, suppliers are struggling to keep up production — with some companies reporting 51 percent increase in orders.
  • Leaving hand sanitizer in your hot car could cause it to explode, like in the case of this Wisconsin driver.
  • Doctors and a politicians jumped to the defense of a nurse who was suspended from her hospital job for wearing nothing but a bra and panties under a see-through hospital gown.

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