Theresa May says there could be a THIRD Brexit referendum if she gives in to MPs and gives them a second

Theresa May says there could be a THIRD Brexit referendum if she gives in to MPs and gives them a second

December 10, 2018

The Prime Minister said that if she decided to give the decision back to the people now, then MPs would be crying out for yet another one in future.

She said that some people would never be completely happy with the result and would always fight to overturn it.

It came as she revealed she would postpone her vote on the Brexit deal in the face of a humiliating defeat.

She will now fly around Europe to try and beg the EU to make tweaks to the deal or "assurances" on the hated Northern Irish backstop.

On a second referendum Mrs May said: "Does she honestly think that If we were to have another referendum and it came out with a different result, people wouldn't say we should have a third referendum to find out what the result was?"

And she added: "I wonder if it came out with the same result, she would still be asking for another vote."

Several MPs used her Commons appearance to demand a so-called 'People's Vote' on another deal.

But Mrs May slapped them down, saying she genuinely believed that the people's first say should be respected and Brexit MUST be delivered.

Mrs May said: "I believe that as a country we should meet those obligations."

"I think those people, many of whom voted for the first time when they voted in the referendum in 2016, will indeed question why should we vote in future if this Parliament does not deliver on that result," she stressed.

As Mrs May fights for her deal – and her career today:

  • Speaker John Bercow suggested it would be undemocratic to pull the vote without the permission of MPs
  • Jeremy Corbyn urged her to quit as Labour considered holding a vote of no confidence
  • Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg said the PM should "govern or quit"
  • Mrs May's DUP ally Nigel Dodds said she wasn't listening to colleagues
  • European leaders warned it would be tricky to make major changes to the existing deal
  • Tomorrow's Cabinet meeting was suddenly cancelled
  • Meanwhile, Euro judges ruled that Britain can cancel Brexit without permission from Europe

More than 100 Tory MPs have spoken out against the withdrawal agreement as it currently stands.

Mrs May hasn't said when she will bring it back to the Commons for a vote, only saying that she will do so in the next six weeks.



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