Theresa May reveals she eats peanut butter straight from the JAR to calm down over Brexit

Theresa May reveals she eats peanut butter straight from the JAR to calm down over Brexit

December 9, 2018

But now Theresa May has revealed she's also a fan of picking up a spoon and diving in, to help her deal with the stress of Brexit.

She said in an interview with the Mail on Sunday: "One of my little indulgences, I have to confess, is peanut butter.

"Either on toast, or just a spoon. But I don’t spend the entire day doing it."

Food has always been a passion for Mrs May, and she also enjoys watching Masterchef to relax too.

The PM said: "They have been absolutely amazing, absolutely incredible."

But she's been too busy in Government to go to the cinema, she said, and hasn't seen anything on the big screen since Skyfall six years ago.

She used the interview to warn MPs that if they want Brexit, they have to back her on Tuesday or the government could fall and Jeremy Corbyn could be PM by Christmas.

Mrs May warned: "If you want Brexit, make sure you get it, and that’s about this deal.

Elsewhere in the interview she revealed:

  • She has had thousands of messages of support from the public
  • Dismissed calls for a second referendum or another general election as it would produce too much "instability and uncertainty"
  • She hoped Brexit could be wrapped up by Christmas so she can enjoy her traditional goose and a "nice glass of red" wine
  • That husband Philip picks her great handbags as Christmas presents, but he says the best present is her
  • Insisted she was still the best person to lead the Tories

Her interview came as Boris Johnson launched his bid for the PM's job – days before Mrs May's crunch vote in the Commons.

If she loses on Tuesday as is expected, she could quit or be forced out and a leadership contest to become the next PM could begin.

Boris told The Sun he wouldn't pay a penny of the £39billion divorce bill to the EU until the hated backstop was dropped.

The Prime Minister could also decide to put the vote on ice tomorrow, it was reported today.

The PM could have a Margaret Thatcher moment and beg Brussels to tweak her deal in an attempt to save Brexit, the Sunday Times reported.

Ministers and aides have said she needs to go back and get more if she has any chance of getting her deal passed.

A decision will be made tomorrow on what to do, the paper said.

Mrs May will seek concessions on a time limit for the hated Northern Irish backstop, which is the main reason most MPs hate the deal as it will lock the UK into a customs union with the EU.

Meanwhile, some ministers have been talking to Labour MPs about a second referendum or a Norway-style deal if Mrs May's mission fails.

It's also feared that an exodus of ministers could come in the next 24 hours before the vote – if the deal isn't changed.

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