Theresa May is being advised by David Cameron on how to pass her Brexit deal

Theresa May is being advised by David Cameron on how to pass her Brexit deal

December 18, 2018

The former PM has lobbied Mrs May to put a string of different options to a vote in Parliament.

He has teamed up with at least eight Cabinet ministers to argue for so-called "indicative votes" in the House of Commons.

Mr Cameron told the PM she should "get on with getting Parliament to work through the options", according to ITV.

Quizzed on their talks today, the Prime Minister said: "He is not giving advice – the last time I spoke to him was when we actually agreed the withdrawal agreement."

Some ministers want Mrs May to bring her Brexit deal to the Commons this week – knowing it will be voted down.

They then advocate a series of votes on all possible outcomes, including No Deal, a Norway-style soft Brexit and a second EU referendum.

Most MPs backing this path hope it will prove there is no majority in Parliament for a No Deal Brexit.

They believe that could then convince some Brexiteers that the only way to take Britain out of the EU is to back Mrs May's deal after all.

Some want to show that the Commons could end up backing an alternative plan such as the Norway option which keeps Britain in the single market.

Mr Cameron has publicly supported the current deal, but it's understood his priority is to avoid a No Deal outcome.

Today Downing Street said there are "no plans" to hold indicative votes on the Brexit options.

But at Cabinet tomorrow, ministers from both sides of the referendum divide are set to lobby Mrs May over the issue.

Remainers such as Greg Clark, Amber Rudd and Damian Hinds have teamed up with staunch Leaver Liam Fox to back the idea.

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