The 92p Big Mac! Father reveals home-made version of classic hamburger

The 92p Big Mac! Father reveals home-made version of classic hamburger

February 9, 2019

The 92p Big Mac! Father reveals his own home-made version of classic McDonald’s hamburger that he cooks up for a third of the price of real thing

  • Miguel Barclay, 35, made his own version of McDonald’s Big Mac for less than £1
  • Chef used the cheapest items he could find and said the burger tasted ‘amazing’
  • Father-of-one from north London is well known for creating one pound meals 

A father has revealed his own version of McDonald’s Big Mac that can be made at home with the simplest of ingredients and for less than £1.

Chef Miguel Barclay, 35, who has written four cookbooks and is known for sharing one pound meal ideas, posted a video of his creation that ‘tastes amazing’ to his YouTube channel Miguel Barclay: One pound meals, which has 12,000 subscribers.

Usually a Big Mac would cost around £3.19, depending where in the country you were ordering one, but Miguel managed to make one for a third of the price.

Miguel Barclay, 35, made his own version of McDonald’s Big Mac burger for less than £1

The chef made his own burger sauce using mayonnaise, mustard and a pinch of tarragon

Miguel’s shopping list for the burger included a pack of six buns, costing 90p, a 60p lettuce and a slice of cheese priced at 59p for 10, reports the Sun.

The most expensive thing to buy was the meat which cost £1.89 for 500g but even with the outlay, the total price to make one burger came in at 92p – still less than the average Big Mac.

In his video Miguel shows how to prepare the buns making sure to slicing the bottom of one half of a bun to make the middle part and gently toasting them all.

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He then makes the sauce using mayonnaise, mustard and his secret ingredient – a pinch of tarragon. 

Afterwards he pops onion, lettuce and burger cheese onto the buns before adding the all important slices of gherkin on the middle layer.

Next up is the meat preparation which Miguel says is the ‘most interesting part’ to him as nothing was added to the pan but meat – not even oil.

After cooking the meat Miguel sprinkled on some salt and pepper and built up his Big Mac

The food blogger told the Sun: ‘To get it under £1, I had to sacrifice a bit on the quality of the ingredients compared to McDonald’s and use a lower grade of beef as they use forequarter and flank.’

Miguel then adds the mince into a circle metal ring and pats the meat with a spoon to make a burger shape before frying and adding salt and pepper after.

He then stacks the meat onto the bread to create his homemade Big Mac.

To keep costs down Miguel used only the cheapest ingredients he could find in Asda but it could possibly be made for less if he shopped around.

A spokesman for McDonald’s told the Sun: ‘We love that Miguel has had a go at recreating the Big Mac.

‘We are definitely claiming some credit for how tasty his looks.’  

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