Texas elementary school shooting updates — Salvador Ramos posted shocking photo on Instagram before killing 21 in Uvalde

Texas elementary school shooting updates — Salvador Ramos posted shocking photo on Instagram before killing 21 in Uvalde

May 25, 2022

SUSPECTED school shooter Salvador Ramos posted a shocking photograph to Instagram before killing 19 students and 2 teachers.

The 18-year-old shooter opened fire at Robb Elementary on Tuesday afternoon after abandoning his vehicle, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said.

Ramos later died, Abbott said citing preliminary reports that the teenager was killed by responding officers.

There were also victims injured in the shooting including a 66-year-old woman in critical condition, a 10-year-old girl in critical condition,
a 10-year-old girl in good condition, and a 9-year-old girl in fair condition.

Prior to the attack, Ramos reportedly messaged a girl he did not know on Instagram and tagged her in a photo of his guns, possibly alluding to the shooting.

Reports indicate Ramos' social media profiles have been removed following the shooting.

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    Tops supermarket shooting

    On May 14, 2022, shots were fired at a supermarket in upstate New York.

    At least 10 people were killed and three were injured, according to officials.

    Two of the injured were initially in critical condition.

    The alleged gunman was 18-year-old, Payton Gendron.

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    Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting

    On February 14, 2018, a shooter open fired on students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

    The shooter was later identified as Nikolas Cruz and he has pleaded guilty to 34 charges of premeditated murder and attempted murder on October 20, 2021.

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    Sandy Hook Elementary shooting

    On December 14, 2012, 26 people were shot dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

    Adam Lanza, 20, killed 20 children aged six and seven, and six adult staff members.

    Earlier that day, before driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home.

    He then shot himself as first responders arrived at the scene.

    Following the shooting, state lawmakers enacted universal background checks on a limit on large-capacity magazines.

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    Senator Chris Murphy: 'What are we doing?'

    Sen. Murphy referred to the shooting at Robb Elementary as "another Sandy Hook."

    "What are we doing?"

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    About Uvalde, Texas

    Uvalde, Texas, has a population of about 16,000 people.

    The town is about 75 miles from the Mexico border and 85 miles from San Antonio.

    Robb Elementary School has an enrollment of just under 600 students and is reportedly in a residential area of the town. 

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    Age range of student victims

    According to Sky News, the deceased and injured students are in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, between the ages of eight and 11.

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    Sen Ted Cruz: 'act of evil'

    "Heidi and I are lifting up in prayer the entire Uvalde community during this devastating time and we mourn the lives that were taken by this act of evil," the senator's statement continued.

    "None of us can imagine the anguish the parents in Uvalde are going through. Our hearts go out to them."

    "We’ve seen too many of these shootings. No parent should have to bear the pain of burying their child. We need to come together, as one nation, and support Uvalde as they try to heal from this devastating loss."

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    Sen Ted Cruz issues statement

    Senator Ted Cruz, also representing Texas, released a statement via Twitter.

    "Today is a dark day. We’re all completely sickened and heartbroken. As of now, 15 innocent people are dead. 14 were children. Others are still in critical condition or otherwise injured, and we are all praying for each of them."

    "I’m grateful for the heroes in law enforcement and first responders who responded to the scene and stopped the killer.

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    Texas Senator John Cornyn: 'no words'

    Texas Senator John Cornyn released a statement, saying:

    “There’s no words to describe how horrific this is," he wrote.

    "The investigation is ongoing and thankfully the shooter is out of commission.”

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    Victim's aunt shares statement

    Eva Mireles's aunt, Lydia Martinez Delgado, shared photos of the woman on Facebook.

    "I'm furious that these shootings continue. these children are innocent. Rifles should not be easily available to all. This is my hometown, a small community of less than 20,000. I never imagined this would happen to especially loved ones … All we can do is pray hard for our country, state, schools, and especially the families of all," Delgado said in a statement, per ABC.

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    Teacher named as victim

    Robb Elementary School teacher Eva Mireles has been named as the first shooting victim in Salvador Ramos' gun rampage, which has left 19 students and two teachers dead and at least a dozen others injured.

    Mireles was a fourth grade teacher at the elementary school.

    Mireles has been an educator for 17 years, according to the Uvalde CISD website. She was married to a UCISD officer, Ruben Ruiz, who is currently a police officer within the Uvalde school district and is reportedly responsible for holding active shooter drills within the schools.

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    Salvador Ramos’ horror gun posts and TikTok warning

    HORROR posts by suspected Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos feature rifles and an eerie warning for kids to "be scared" in real life.

    Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez, speaking to CNN, made mention of Ramos' threatening social media posts after stating that the suspect bought the weapons used in the mass shooting on his 18th birthday in the Uvalde area.

    Ramos' TikTok bio read: "Kids be scared irl [in real life]."

    The account, which displayed only one video of a mobile game, was taken down following the shooting.

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    Justice Department issues statement

    The Justice Department has released a statement from Attorney General Merrick B. Garland:

    “Today, another mass shooting has taken the lives of innocent victims, including elementary school children and their teacher. This act of unspeakable violence has devastated an entire community and shaken our country. 

    “FBI and ATF agents have responded to the scene, and the Justice Department is committed to providing our full support to our law enforcement partners on the ground in Texas and to the Uvalde community. 

    “We join our fellow Americans in mourning this terrible loss and in their resolve to end this senseless violence.”

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    Salvador Ramos 'gunned down kids at Uvalde elementary after shooting grandmother’

    The teen shooter who reportedly killed 19 children and two teachers and injured at least a dozen others has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

    Ramos reportedly also shot his grandmother before entering a Texas school and opening fire on Tuesday afternoon.

    Ramos was reportedly shot dead in a stand-off with Texas officials responding to calls of an active shooter in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

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    Robb Elementary statement

    The rest of the Facebook statement reads:

    Uvalde CISD Staff are to report to their campuses tomorrow. School counselors will be available at all campuses to provide counseling support. Surrounding community counselors will be available at the Civic Center tomorrow to assist the Robb students, parents and faculty with counseling support. This is a tragic time in our district, we will come together to begin the healing process.

    This is a difficult time for everyone, however the gentle support all school community members give to each other during this time is the first step in healing. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your campus principal or your child’s school counselor.

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    Robb Elementary issues statement

    In a Facebook post, Robb Elementary issued a statement to parents and faculty:

    Uvalde CISD Parents and Faculty,

    Our community has experienced a terrible tragedy. We must come together to console one another and respect the privacy of the families. Please keep all families in your prayers.

    School has been canceled for the rest of the school year for our students. This includes all extra-curricular activities for Wednesday and Thursday. The Graduation Ceremony will be addressed at a later time.

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    Two more children named

    The family of Uziyah Garcia, 9, said he was killed in the shooting.

    The announcement came hours after family said he was among the missing.

    Garcia's uncle Mitch Renfro wrote on Facebook "My nephew was a victim of a school shooting today."

    Makenna Lee Elrod, 10, was also confirmed dead by a family friend late Tuesday night.

    Her father, Brandon Elrod, revealed she had been missing since the shooting.

    Brandon told KTRK he was "on the way to the funeral home' because 'we can't find my daughter."

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    Suspect acted alone

    The shooting is still under investigation, but authorities believe Salvador Ramos acted alone.

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    Officers who responded had children in school

    Sources reported that several of the agents who engaged the suspect had children who attended the elementary school, according to ABC correspondent Rob Elgas.

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    Several injured in shooting

    At least 19 children and two teachers have died in the elementary school shooting.

    Other victims injured in the shooting include a 66-year-old woman in critical condition, a 10-year-old girl in critical condition, a 10-year-old girl in good condition, and a 9-year-old girl in fair condition.

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    End of year plans canceled

    The school district announced after the shooting that Robb Elementary School would remain closed for the rest of the school year.

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    Vice President: 'Enough is enough'

    Vice President Kamala Harris shared a statement on Twitter this evening:

    "Enough is enough. As a nation, we must have the courage to take action and prevent this from ever happening again. It is long past time for our country to stand up to the gun lobby and pass reasonable gun safety laws."

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    Suspect shared chilling plot in Instagram messages

    An Instagram user revealed haunting messages allegedly sent by the suspect, Salvador Ramos, after the shooting on Tuesday.

    The account claiming to be the alleged gunman tagged a random user in a photo featuring weapons.

    “You gonna repost my gun pics,” wrote the suspected shooter.

    The person he tagged, who claims that she does not know the shooter and doesn’t live in Texas, asked: “What your guns gotta do with me?”

    The shooter writes back: “Just wanted to tag you.”

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    Steve Kerr's emotional plea

    "When are we gonna do something?" the basketball coach asked.

    "Moments of silence, enough."

    "Are you going to put your own desire for power ahead of the lives of our children and our elderly, and our churchgoers?" he asked lawmakers.

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    Victim identified

    Multiple local outlets have reported that Xavier Lopez is one of the 19 children who lost their lives in the Texas shooting.

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