Terrifying moment motorbike child snatchers grab baby from woman's arms in broad daylight and speed off

Terrifying moment motorbike child snatchers grab baby from woman's arms in broad daylight and speed off

October 2, 2020

SHOCKING footage shows the moment kidnappers snatched a woman’s baby from her arms as she walked along a crowded street in Guatemala.

The men are seen stopping a motorbike next to the mum before wrenching the child from her and making a getaway.

The incident unfolded in Zacapa, a municipality around 70 miles east of capital Guatemala City, on Wednesday.

The neighbourhood has been named as Tamarindal. 

Film from a nearby security camera shows the woman walking along a pavement as cars and mopeds pass on the road.

A motorbike driven by one man and with another riding pillion then emerges from a side street and cuts across the traffic towards the woman.

The second man gets off the bike, approaches the woman, and tries to grab her baby.

The pair then tussle for around 15 seconds as the man tries to get the baby and the woman tries to fight him off.

The man then pulls the baby free and knocks the woman to the ground before getting back on the bike.

The two men then ride off as the women chases them down the road but fails to catch them.


Police today confirmed that they had recovered the child and reunited him with his parents.

The tot is said to have been found abandoned at a disused railway station shortly after the kidnap.

The reason the men snatched the child before abandoning it is not yet clear.

No arrests have yet been made.

Footage released by Guatemala’s National Police Force showed the child's tearful parents stood in a hospital and cuddling him after an emotional reunion following a check-up.

Spokesman Jorge Aguilar told local press that police were still hunting the two men who took part in the abduction.

He said street cameras in the area had played an instrumental part in enabling officers to find and save the youngster.

Photos showed police delivering clothes, nappies, and food to the child's family – described as a low-income family – once they were back at home.

Police delivered clothes, nappies, and food to the child’s family, described as a “low-income family” once they were back at home. 

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