Tense moment two drunk passengers are booted off a flight to Bali

Tense moment two drunk passengers are booted off a flight to Bali

July 19, 2023

Tense moment two drunk passengers are booted off a flight to Bali after ‘swearing and joking about BOMBS’ leaving 100 travellers stranded – as one of the men candidly reveals what sparked his behaviour

  • Two men stop Bali flight 
  • 100 people left grounded 
  • Perth pair are unrepentant 

About 100 passengers were left stranded when their flight to Bali was cancelled because two men had to be booted off for swearing and joking about ‘bombs’.

A fully booked AirAsia flight was preparing to take off from Perth on Tuesday when the pair, aged 28 and 29, created such a disturbance the security guards were called in to remove them from the plane.

Footage taken by other passengers shows the rowdy men confronting the guards in the plane’s aisle. 

‘Put you hands off me,’ one of the men says. 

‘Don’t start or otherwise I will cuff you,’ a guard warns.

‘Don’t push just take a deep breath.’

One of the men escorted off the AirAsia flight to Bali can be seen clutching an alcohol bottle

As the two unruly men are escorted off their is applause from those seated. 

Passenger Anna Gunzburg said the men were visibly effected by alcohol even before boarding the flight. 

‘They were so obviously inebriated before even walking into the tunnel,’ she said.

‘They were swigging from the bottle. It was a joke.’ 

Connor O’Kill, another passenger on the ill-fated flight, said the men were causing problems beyond just being loud.  

‘Then they started just swearing and saying stuff and talking about bombs on the plane,’ he said. 

Unfortunately the entire incident left the rest of the passengers sitting on the tarmac for three hours before the flight was cancelled.

When asked about his behaviour after being kicked off the plane one of the men was unrepentant 

The two men, aged 28 and 29, were unrepentant when approached by a Seven News reporter as they sat in the airport bar after being kicked off the plane.

When asked what explained his behaviour one man said: ‘I drunk a bottle of Jameson’s (Irish Whisky), that would do it.’

He went on to claim he ‘wasn’t abusing anyone’.

‘I wasn’t being rude to anyone, I was just a bit drunk,’ he said.

‘If they had have just took the plane off I would have fallen asleep and everyone would be in Bali.’

His companion was equally unembarrassed.

‘I am going to jump on the next plane,’ he said matter-of-factly.

The pair were fined $500 each for their antics. 

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