Star Trek legend William Shatner slams #MeToo movement because he ‘can no longer compliment women’s legs’

Star Trek legend William Shatner slams #MeToo movement because he ‘can no longer compliment women’s legs’

December 20, 2018

While saying he fully supported the movement, it had become “like the French Revolution”, and he had to rethink complements like “looking good” or “great legs”.

The #MeToo movement began on social media when women, including many celebrities, tweeted about their own stories of sexually harassment to highlight the scale of the issue.

Shatner's statements came after he slammed a radio station in Canada for taking Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside off the air.

He told DailyMailTV: “In 2018 we have the MeToo movement, which I think is great, that these hidden forces are exposed and not to be allowed and women have equal rights. I've got three daughters [aged 60, 57 and 54], I'm all for that.

But he said at the same time, “it's become hysterical”.

Shatner said that while the MeToo movement has been positive to society he believed it may be time for the “firebrands” to step back and the “business-like people” to take over.

”It's a whole new culture. The whole business has changed. The whole man-woman relationship has changed to a severe degree.”

He said he had to rethink his compliments to women after recently taking a three-hour training course on sexual harassment in the workplace as part of his role in the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

While promoting his own Christmas album – titled Shatner Claus – the Captain Kirk actor said the Frank Loesser’s classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was simply a man “offering an invitation and presenting an argument for not leaving”.

After the Canadian radio station banned the song Shatner tweeted last week: “Call in to CBC radio all day and get them to play ''Baby It's Cold Outside'' over and over until midnight!”

Shatner defended the song and blasted “2018 prudes” who “want to interpret the lyrics as something else.”

Shatner’s own Christmas album – his tenth overall – was done in collaboration with stars including Iggy Pop, Billy Gibbons, Rick Wakeman, Ian Anderson, Henry Rollins and Judy Collins.


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