St Patrick's Day revellers will be feeling green this morning

St Patrick's Day revellers will be feeling green this morning

March 18, 2023

Now that’s good craic! St Patrick’s Day revellers will be feeling green this morning after a night out on the Guinness

  •  London’s Leicester Square was heaving with crowds celebrating the holiday
  •  Revellers also flocked to Ireland’s capital and watched the traditional parade

As St Patrick’s Day rolled back around yesterday, beer guzzlers from across the world flocked to get their hands on a pint (or more) of Guinness.

The streets of London were heaving with crowds last night with many revellers cloaked in Irish flags and dressed in green.

Leicester Square was at the centre of festivities as many groups were spotted heading to the famous Irish pub chain Waxy O’Connor’s, which is well praised for its live music and six-floor venue in Soho.

The celebrations came as thousands of others from Newcastle to New York went to town for St Patrick’s Day. 

But we suspect that the boozy revellers may be feeling even more green this morning after their night of Irish fun at the heart of the capital.

LONDON: Dressed in a dazzling green, this girl is out in Leicester Square for St Patrick’s Day

LONDON: Crowds dressed in green flocked to the famous Irish pub Waxy O’Connor’s last night

LONDON: These girls were snapped at the heart of the capital amidst the Irish celebrations

LONDON: Cloaked in an Irish flag, this girl heads through the streets of Chinatown

LONDON: Just a small walk from its older sibling Waxy O’Connor’s, crowds also gather at Waxy’s Little Sister near Chinatown

LONDON: The capital’s streets were heaving with crowds last night amid celebrations

Leeds and Newcastle are among the other UK cities that were snapped taking part in boozy St Patrick’s Day celebrations last night.

Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales enjoyed sips of ‘the black stuff’ at the Irish Guards’ St Patrick’s Day Parade in Aldershot.

Kate attended the event for the first time in her capacity as Colonel of the Irish Guards, following her action-packed day carrying out training drills in snowy conditions with them last week.   

The couple marked the event on their Instagram account, writing: ‘It is a true honour to be Colonel of the Irish Guards, whose enthusiasm, pride and dedication – plus boundless sense of humour – makes them so unique.

‘From outgoing to incoming Colonel, we will continue to support and champion you in all you do.’ Festivities also took place across the island of Ireland with massive crowds turning out to mark March 17 in towns and cities.

Many more watched Dublin’s 2023 parade, featuring 4,200 performers including marching bands, aerial acrobats and vibrant costumes, live on television.

Parade attendees showed up in leprechaun hats, dyed-green beards and emerald scarves.

The parade was centred around the theme of ‘ONE’ to ‘shine a light on all the goodness that surrounds us’ by protecting and embracing global traditions, culture and heritage.

DUBLIN: Revellers dressed up to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in front of the famous Temple Bar in Dublin

NEWCASTLE: Revellers pictured out in force this afternoon in Jesmond as the St Patrick’s Day celebrations started early

DUBLIN: Revellers pictured attending the parade to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

LEEDS: Some had to call it a night after partying hard on St Paddy’s Day

ALDERSHOT: The Prince and Princess of Wales each enjoyed a pint of Guinness

NEWCASTLE: Revellers headed out for a night out to celebrate St Paddy’s Day

LEEDS: Boozy revellers took to the streets for a St Paddy’s Day nightout

LEEDS: Revellers dressed up for the occasion 

New York City took part in celebrations too, hosting its annual parade which bills itself as the world’s largest and oldest.  

The city’s famed Fifth Avenue was awash with green, as crowds took park in the traditional event for the first time in two years as a result of the pandemic.

Others were seen bar-crawling in the area, with revellers making the most of the Irish holiday.

DUBLIN: Performers taking part in the annual St Patrick’s Day parade

BELFAST: Two revellers in the Northern Irish capital smartly dressed in St Paddy’s Day suits

DUBLIN: Giant colourful statues were paraded around the city during the celebration

NEWCASTLE: Revellers pictured wearing green to celebrate the day 

DUBLIN: President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins attends the St Patrick’s Day Parade

DUBLIN: Taking part in the parade were also floats, pictured here is the Daniel O’Connell monument float

BELFAST: A participant dressed as bagpipes in the today’s parade

DUBLIN: Revellers in the city centre at the annual St Patrick’s Day parade

NEWCASTLE: Some revellers had too much Guinness on the big day

DUBLIN: A reveller dressed to impress 

NEW YORK: A police department Pipe and Drums band marches in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

NEW YORK: An Irish Wolfhound taking pride of place in the city’s annual parade

NEW YORK: Children took part in the city’s annual parade

NEW YORK: A reveller at the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade held along 5th Avenue

FLORIDA: Spring breakers celebrated the day at the beach – with many wearing green swimwear

WASHINGTON DC: The White House’s fountain turns green for annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

NEW YORK: Members of the Hartsdale fire department

NEW YORK: Members of the fire department Pipe and Drums participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

NEW YORK: An Irish Wolfhound participates in the St. Patrick’s Day parade

GEORGIA, USA: Conor McGregor was spotted in Savannah to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

SYDNEY: Revellers in Australia celebrating the day on a night out

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