Speeding car almost crashes head-on into another driver

Speeding car almost crashes head-on into another driver

January 9, 2019

Speeding car almost crashes head-on as it overtakes at a level crossing in police chase – hours before it’s found in flames on a residential street

  • Grey Vauxhall Insignia seen overtaking at high speed on A19 in South Yorkshire
  • Car is pursued by an unmarked police vehicle and is later found abandoned
  • Jamie Hopson then filmed car engulfed in flames outside his home the next day 

A speeding car almost crashes into another motorist as it overtakes during a police chase – hours before it is abandoned and set on fire. 

The shocking dashcam clip, filmed by Stuart Davidson, captures the grey Vauxhall Insignia as it overtakes another vehicle on the A19 near Askern in South Yorkshire.

Mr Davidson is forced to pull onto the pavement near to a level crossing to avoid a collision as the motorist speeds by.

The clip, filmed by Stuart Davidson, captures the grey Vauxhall Insignia as it overtakes another vehicle on the A19 near Askern in South Yorkshire

Moments later, an unmarked police vehicle rushes past in pursuit of the motorist.

Mr Davidson shouts ‘get the b******!’ as the officer passes him.

He said: ‘I only just had enough time to drive onto the pavement, if I hadn’t it would have been a head on smash without a doubt – the speed he was travelling was frightening.’  

A car which appears to be the same vehicle was then seen minutes later by Jamie Hopson – who noticed the Vauxhall being driven the wrong way up a one way street a mile from the level crossing.

Mr Davidson drives onto the pavement near the level crossing in a desperate bid to avoid a collision

An unmarked police car then rushes past with blue lights flashing in pursuit of the Vauxhall

He later discovered the car abandoned outside his home.

Mr Hopson said: ‘I was walking home after visiting the local shop at around 11:05am when a silver looking Vauxhall Insignia drove past at speed.

‘It drove up a one way street at about 60 mph before parking up.’

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A clip filmed at 6.30pm that evening shows a man, believed to be the driver, wiping down the side of the car. 

He then enters a white Ford Transit van parked next to the Vauxhall and drives away with the passenger door open. 

Witnesses claim the man had also spray painted the car’s registration plates.

Jamie Hopson then discovered a vehicle which appears to be the same car outside his home

A female voice can be heard saying: ‘He’s sprayed the licence plates, I wonder if that car is nicked then?’ 

A third video, filmed the next morning on December 31, shows the car engulfed in flames outside Mr Hopson’s home.

He said: ‘I ran down stairs opened the front door to find the car completely ablaze.

‘The heat from the fire was ridiculously hot and melted the plastic around our windows, there wasn’t much anyone could do till the fire brigade arrived as it was really bad.

The next morning, on December 31, Mr Hopson discovered the Vauxhall engulfed in flames

‘At one point sparks from the car touched the house which was frightening as my children were asleep in the house.’

A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: ‘Officers directed a grey Vauxhall car to stop on the A19 near Great Heck, Selby just before 11am on Sunday, 30 December.

‘The car failed to stop and left the scene at speed along the southbound carriageway of the A19 into Bentley, South Yorkshire just after 11am. Authority for the pursuit was then handed over to South Yorkshire Police.

‘No arrests have been made by North Yorkshire Police.’

A crew from South Yorkshire Fire attended the blaze early on New Year’s Eve (pictured, the grey Vauxhall Insignia after the fire) 

The force were unable to confirm why the driver was signalled to stop or whether the vehicle was stolen.

A South Yorkshire Fire spokeswoman said: ‘We were called at 06:04am and attended an incident on Avenue Road, Instoneville in Doncaster on 31/12/2018. 

‘One crew from Adwick attended and left at 06:34am.

‘The cause is believed to be deliberate.’

South Yorkshire Police confirmed no arrests have been made.

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