Spanish riot police attack man with truncheons and stamp on headphones

Spanish riot police attack man with truncheons and stamp on headphones

February 21, 2019

Spanish riot police officers attack an unarmed man with truncheons and stamp on his headphones as he cowers on the floor as thousands of Celtic fans descend on Valencia for Europa League clash

  • Police officer hits man with truncheon while stood on a street in Valencia, Spain 
  • The officer then stamps on the man’s headphones and another cop kicks him
  • Other men, thought to be football fans, exclaim and police hit one in the legs 
  • Thousands of Celtic supporters have travelled to Spain to watch match today

This is the shocking moment a Spanish riot cop whacks a man with his truncheon in front of horrified Celtic supporters before destroying his headphones.

The police officer was filmed hitting the man over the head as he put his hands up and cowered down after appearing to complain to the officer.

The seemingly unprovoked attack was met with a chorus of disapproval from football fans including the person filming who began to raise their voice and shout ‘stop.’

But as the man on the receiving end of the assault got back up again and appeared to protest at his treatment, he was threatened again by the same riot cop.

The man walks towards the riot police officers with his hands up, left, before dropping to the floor in Valencia, Spain, right, as one of the cops goes to hit him with a truncheon

The man’s headphones fall of his head as he tries retreat – but instead of allowing him to pick them up, the officer breaks them by stamping on them with his foot.

Another man, thought to be a Celtic fan who is wearing shorts, then attempts to intervene but another cop whacks him on the back of the leg with his truncheon.

The man who was knocked to the floor appeared to be unconnected to the Celtic supporters. His identity was not made public with the footage.

Ultras Life, which posted the video on its Twitter page in the early hours of this morning, said in a message: ‘Spanish police doing their best to keep everyone safe. Absolute joke. Right now in Valencia, Spain.’

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Spanish police have been accused of heavy-handed treatment of Celtic fans who have travelled to Valencia to watch their team’s Europa League second-league match this evening.

Thousands of supporters have jetted to Spain without tickets.

The Spanish government’s Anti-Violence Commission announced earlier this month they have deemed the game a ‘high-risk encounter.’

A popular Rangers’ bar in Benidorm – the Golden Last pub – was set on fire in the early hours of Wednesday morning in an attack blamed on arsonists.

The man drops to the floor a second time making his headphones fall off, left. Another man, thought to be a Celtic fan, then tries to intervene, right, but is hit in the leg by the officer

Regulars at the pub said later flags outside were set alight but the inside area was undamaged.

Separate footage which emerged overnight on social media showed Celtic fans in melees with riot cops.

Some videos appeared to show police being heavy-handed with their batons, although another showed officers reacting after having bottles thrown at them from the inside of a bar.

A Sein Fein Dublin-based councillor described the police behaviour as ‘outrageous violence’.

Other videos show police dealing with disorder outside a bar in Valencia last night

Paul Donnelly told Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his social media message overnight: ‘Outrageous violence from your police force against Celtic fans this evening in Valencia.

‘First-hand evidence of extreme and unprovoked attacks with batons, tear gas and rubber bullets by an out-of-control police force.’

Police in Valencia could not be reached early this morning to offer their version of events and information on whether there had been any arrests or injuries.

Local Ana Fernandez, commenting on footage showing police reacting after having bottles thrown at them from a premises they were surrounding, said: ‘I was there. The behaviour of the police in Valencia was shameful.

‘Eight vans surrounding a pub and tranquility apart from the odd person who was acting up.

‘Heading home and being pushed and shouted at by police with truncheons in their hand. Is this the police force that is supposed to look after me.’

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