Sobbing migrant survivors sit by dozens of bodies as sinkings kill 110 after evil smugglers pack them onto flimsy boats

Sobbing migrant survivors sit by dozens of bodies as sinkings kill 110 after evil smugglers pack them onto flimsy boats

November 14, 2020

HORRIFYING pictures show traumatised survivors sitting alongside dozens of bodies on a beach in Libya after a dinghy carrying more than 120 people split in two, killing 74.

The incident was one of four shipwrecks that claimed at least 110 lives in the Mediterranean this week, as evil smugglers continue to pack flimsy boats with people promised a better life in Europe.

The latest wreck occurred on Thursday off the coast of Khoms, a port city 75 miles west of Libyan capital Tripoli.

The dinghy reportedly broke apart as workers from a Spanish migrant charity distributed life vests and masks to passengers.

The charity, coastguard, and nearby fisherman were able to rescue 47 survivors and bring them to shore.

One infant is known to have been brought onto the rescue boat alive but to have later died.

Pictures showed exhausted survivors wrapped in blankets and sat together on a beach outside Khoms.

Dozens of bodies are also seen lined up along the shoreline.

The boat was reportedly heading towards Italy, the most common destination for those departing from the shores of Tunisia and Libya.

The UN's International Organisation for Migration estimates that at least 575 people have died in the central Mediterranean so far this year.

Around 10,300 people have been intercepted at sea and sent back to Libya.

Smugglers are known to often fill boats that are either not seaworthy or which are intentionally sunk once at sea so that the people on board can be picked up by rescue ships.

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency estimates the revenue from people smuggling networks in the Mediterranean to be around £100million each year.

Charities report that attempted crossings have increased in recent weeks as smugglers take advantage of favourable weather.

Twenty people are known to have died in another incident on Thursday off the coast of Sorman, 100 miles to the west of Khoms.

Médecins Sans Frontières reported helping three women thought to be the only survivors.

On Wednesday, six people were killed after a dinghy carrying more than 100 people deflated off Libya's coast.

Among the dead was a six-month-old boy, who survived the wreck but died on board a rescue vessel.

On Tuesday, 13 people died in another wreck, with 11 survivors being rescued and taken back to the shore.

A medic from Italian NGO Italian Emergency who attended the incident on Wednesday said: "We did all we could to rescue those onboard.

"All this took place just a few kilometres away from an indifferent Europe.

"Instead of preparing a structured search and rescue system, they instead continue to bury their heads in the sand, pretending not to see the cemetery that the Mediterranean Sea has become."

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