Snowmobile rider falls off and watches as it carries on and hits trees

Snowmobile rider falls off and watches as it carries on and hits trees

December 14, 2018

It’s all downhill from here! Rider falls off his snowmobile and can only watch as it descends long slope and crashes into trees

  • Thrill-seeker was riding an 02 Polaris Edge 800 in the foothills of Grace, Idaho
  • He hit icy rut, lost grip and fell off; snowmobile continued down long, steep slope
  • Awful thud is heard after it hit trees – and it’s all captured on his GoPro headcam

This is the forehead-slapping moment it all went wrong for one man and his snowmobile.

It all began well for the rider as he zoomed across the crisp snow in the foothills of Grace, Idaho under clear blue skies.

Footage from his helmet GoPro shows him happily whizzing along in his 02 Polaris Edge 800… until he loses his grip and falls off after hitting a rut.

The unnamed rider happily makes his way along the foothills of Grace, Idaho, in his 02 Polaris Edge 800 snowmobile

After hitting an icy rut, he loses his grip and looks on in despair as the vehicle continues down the hill – all caught on his GoPro helmet camera

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What happens next is unintentionally comic, as the multi-thousand dollar snowmobile makes its rider-less way down a very long slope.

After it crashes into some trees, an enormous repair bill-sounding thud can be heard.

‘I was riding my snowmobile in the mountains of Grace, hit an icy rut and lost my grip. 

The snowmobile eventually stops after crashing into some trees – leaving its rider with no choice but to begin his Trudge of Dismay to retrieve it

‘The sled went down the hill and hit two trees, totalling it,’ said the unnamed thrill-seeker.

The headcam then shows him trudging down the hill and, towards the bottom, the scenery spins wildly – suggesting he threw down his helmet which must have rolled.

The video ends with the sound of the snowmobile’s engine – raging at its misfortune in the vast icy wilderness. 

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