Sneaky ‘tourist’ steals shopper’s cash when she drops it at a checkout

Sneaky ‘tourist’ steals shopper’s cash when she drops it at a checkout

June 11, 2019

Sneaky ‘tourist’ steals shopper’s cash after hiding it under his foot when she drops it at a supermarket checkout

  • Woman was paying for groceries at the supermarket when she dropped the cash 
  • A tourist queuing behind her didn’t tell her about the money and instead took it 
  • CCTV shows him covering the money with his foot before craftily picking it up 

A tourist in Thailand who was spotted pocketing money that had fallen from another customer’s purse is being hunted by police. 

CCTV footage shows the man waiting in line to pay for his shopping at a supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand, as the woman in front of him drops two bank notes. 

Instead of alerting the other customer, the man covers the money with his sandal and waits for her to leave before craftily picking up the two 1,000 baht notes, worth £25 each, and putting them in his pocket. 

The woman, Pratumrat Maymum, 30, said she only noticed the missing money when she got back home. 

She rushed back to the store to check what had happened and both her and staff were shocked when they reviewed the CCTV, which showed the grey-haired man, described as being ‘western’, stealing the money.  

Ms Maymum immediately reported the theft to Pattaya police. 

She said: ‘After I saw the footage, I was very angry because he clearly intended to steal my money. The staff also said that he’s the regular customer, so I think he has been staying around the neighbourhood. 

The man, described as a tourist, notices the money being dropped on the floor but doesn’t alert the woman

Instead, he waits for the woman to leave before bending down to pick up the money and put it in his pocket

The woman is unaware of the missing money and the man covers it with his sandal before picking it up

‘It might be a small amount of money for some people, but for me it’s a lot. 

‘I hope the police will catch and punish him as soon as possible, so other tourists will know that it’s not that easy to steal in the country.’ 

Pattaya Police today said they were checking the video evidence while trying to trace the man. 

Police Captain Nakhonrat Nonsrisard said: ‘We have checked the CCTV from the supermarket and street. The suspect walked out of the shop and didn’t take a taxi. Cameras in the area lost him. 

‘It’s not easy to identify him from the video but we are appealing for anybody who recognises him to contact police. He will be punished according to the law.’ 

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