Smirking teen thug beat up woman in bar row after becoming enraged at losing one of her false fingernails | The Sun

Smirking teen thug beat up woman in bar row after becoming enraged at losing one of her false fingernails | The Sun

January 20, 2023

A SMIRKING teen yob beat up a policeman's girlfriend after she lost one of her false fingernails during a dust up in a tiki bar.

Saoirse Daly, 19, flew into a rage after discovering her cosmetic nail had been pulled off whilst she was scuffling with Abbie Saunders in the ladies lavatory.

During the assault by Daly and up to four other women outside the tropical themed Hideout bar in Warrington, Cheshire, Miss Saunders was knocked to the ground before being kicked and punched.

The beating was only brought to an end because her police officer boyfriend who had come to pick her up was able to intervene. When quizzed about the attack, Daly, from Widnes said she had been in ''difficulties'' after losing her false nail.

At Warrington magistrates court she pleaded guilty to assault by beating and was warned she faced a possible jail sentence.

The incident occurred last December 4 when Miss Saunders encountered dark haired Daly and a blonde woman whilst out drinking cocktails with friends.


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Angela Blackmore, prosecuting, said: “At around midnight, she went to the toilet and was about to go into the cubicle when she realised someone else was in there.

“The female who was in the cubicle said, ‘What the f*** do you think you are doing?’ “The victim apologised and told her that she had not realised that someone was in the toilet.

“A blonde woman then said, ‘What the f*** are you looking at?’ and all of a sudden that female and another female with brown hair became involved in an assault in the toilet where her hair was pulled and she was punched to the face.

“She did not realise exactly what was happening. She was taken to the floor.

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“Another person became involved by entering the toilet, and they stopped the assault and the victim left the toilet.

“She messaged her boyfriend Lewis who was picking her up.

“She started to walk in the direction she believed he was waiting. She realised that her phone had been damaged. There was a crack in the corner of the screen that wasn't there before she had been assaulted.

“She believed it had happened when she was taken to the floor.

“Lewis texted to warn her that a group of females was standing outside near to where she was.

“They seemed to be arguing with the bouncer. She saw the females from the toilet and three others.

“She heard someone say, ‘There she is, go and get her’

“The five women ran towards her and punched her and pulled at her hair, taking her to the floor.

“Lewis arrived and with his help she managed to get the women off her.”

Mrs Blackmore said that Miss Saunders sustained lumps to the back of her head where her head hit the ground. She also scuffs to her knees and scratches to her face. It was estimated it would cost £200 to repair the screen on her new iPhone, the court heard.

“Lewis was nearby to pick his partner up,” Mrs Blackmore said, “In a statement, he said he noticed the group of five females started to run towards her as she was walking away from the club.''

Lewis said: ''I saw the blonde one and the black haired one and saw my partner being punched and kicked while she was on the ground.

“'I immediately got out of the car and ran over towards them. I pushed the black haired one with one hand and pushed the blonde haired one with the other hand. As I pushed the female, she grabbed my glasses and fell back towards the wall.

“'I identified myself as a police officer to the females and they started to back off. Two went one way and three went another way.'”

Daly was interviewed and admitted the assault on Miss Saunders by grabbing her hair and pulling her to the ground. Mrs Blackmore said, “She did it because she was angry because of an argument that they had earlier.

“As far as the crown is concerned, this is a group action. I would suggest that it is prolonged, it starts inside and goes outside the bar.

“Luckily the injuries are relatively minor.”

Asking for compensation for the victim, the prosecutor added that Daly had one previous conviction for two assaults from September 2021, when she was a youth, for which she was given a referral order.

In mitigation Daly's lawyer Simon Dunn. He said: “What she says is that she accepts that there had been an incident earlier in the toilet. There had been an argument, hair pulling going on and pushing which ultimately resulted in the other matter.

“In the earlier incident, Miss Daly had one of her fingernails pulled from the nail bed. It caused her some difficulties.

“In the following incident, she was unaware of the three other females around her. It was only after the situation that led to the female being on the floor that the other three arrived.”

Granting her unconditional bail, the magistrates adjourned until February 16 in order for the probation service to carry out a pre-sentence report.

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“This will be an all options report,” Chairwoman Lynn Fairburn said, “So we are not ruling out community service or custody at this stage. All options are going to be considered.”

Another woman is awaiting trial over the attack.

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