Sick pay for millions shielding from Covid ends NEXT WEEK

Sick pay for millions shielding from Covid ends NEXT WEEK

March 24, 2021

SICK pay for millions of Brits shielding from Covid ends next week.

People in the clinically extremely vulnerable cohort can emerge back into the world from March 31 – after spending weeks at home with very limited contact.

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The payments for those unable to stay working and stay safe will end when the shielding period comes to a close next week.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson confirmed: "From 1 April CEV individuals are able to return to the workplace if they cannot work from home and as such they will not be eligible for SSP on the basis of being advised to shield.  

"Statutory Sick Pay remains available to those who are self-isolating because of coronavirus and is payable from the first day of work missed.

"If people are unable to work and are not eligible for SSP they may be able to claim welfare benefits (Universal Credit or New Style Employment Support Allowance) depending on their individual circumstances."

People on shielded patient list should have got letters with updated guidance on steps they can take to reduce their risk.

More than 9 in 10 clinically extremely vulnerable people have been vaccinated with a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Shielding for vulnerable Brits has repeatedly been extended under the most recent lockdown.

Nearly five million people were told to shield in the last few weeks.


Those who were vulnerable to Covid were told to stay inside and limit their social activity.

But all vulnerable Brits have now been offered the jab.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England Dr Jenny Harries said last week: "With the prevalence of the virus in the community continuing to decrease now is the right time for people to start thinking about easing up on these more rigid guidelines.

“If you have been shielding, we strongly urge you to take extra precautions following 1 April to keep yourself as safe as possible, such as continuing to observe social distancing and working from home.

“We will continue to monitor all of the evidence and adjust this advice should there be any changes in infection rates.”

Until the end of the month, clinically extremely vulnerable people are still advised to take extra precautions.

The shielding guidelines say clinically extremely vulnerable should stay at home at all times and keep contact with others to a minimum.

They are also advised to only go out when necessary – such as to exercise or attend a medical appointment.

The advice says vulnerable people should not leave their house to work and if they cannot work from home, they could get financial support such as Statutory Sick Pay or the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.


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