Sick morgue worker smiles in photo with dismembered head of elderly 'murder victim'

Sick morgue worker smiles in photo with dismembered head of elderly 'murder victim'

December 19, 2018

The shocking image has led to the resignation of the Georgia Borough of Investigations employee – and another person who took the warped snap.

But the family of Robert Page – who police believe was murdered and mutilated by his neighbour – insist the GBI staff members got off lightly.

Mr Page was attacked at his home in Dekalb County, Georgia, USA, in November.

His body was then chopped up and hidden, police say.

Christian Ponce-Martinez, 25, is charged over the harrowing alleged murder.

But the Page family's grief has been compounded further after the sickening photo emerged yesterday.

Leaked to local news channel WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, it reportedly shows his severed head being held out by a grinning investigator.

He and the photographer – another GBI employee – were reportedly allowed to resign instead of being sacked.

Mr Page's distraught daughter Reba Sanchez said: "They should have been terminated immediately.

"Resignation is too good – it's almost like an admission of what you did wasn't really wrong.

"Visually trying to see my father's head in a cooler is enough. But now you take it and you take pictures with it?

"You taking pictures, making light of a situation like that?

"You're just as evil to me as that murderer."

She added: "That's someone's loved one. You wouldn't want anyone to do that to your family member. So why would you do it to mine?"

Mr Page's heartbroken widow Lula said: "It's awful that somebody would be that evil."

The GBI said the two employees – who have not been named – no longer work there.

And there is now a policy in place against personal photos being taken in the medical examiner's office.

Spokesperson Nelly Miles added: "The GBI's position on this is it was highly inappropriate and it's been addressed".

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