Shocking moment white cops arrest black man for eating a SANDWICH after singling him out’ on train platform – The Sun

Shocking moment white cops arrest black man for eating a SANDWICH after singling him out’ on train platform – The Sun

November 11, 2019

A BLACK man in California  has been arrested by transport cops for  "illegally eating" a breakfast sandwich on his way to work.

The man, named in reports as Bill Gluckman was planning to travel by BART train from Pleasant Hill Station in California when he says he was "harassed" and handcuffed by the officers.

In a video posted to Gluckman's Facebook and widely shared online, he can be seen at the platform with a white police officer who is grabbing hold of his bag.

The video has prompted shocked social media users to point out out that – despite it being illegal to eat on the platform – they often do it themselves, and have never been in trouble.

Gluckman can be heard telling the cop: "You singled me out in front of all these people," to which the officer calmly replies: "You're eating."

The officer then tells him: "You're going to jail my man."

Gluckman replies: "For what? For eating a f****ing sandwich?" with the officer replying: "No, for resisting arrest."

Gluckman insists he eats on the platform every day, and questions why the station sells food if it's illegal to consume it there – but the officer doesn't reply.

The officer again tells him: "You're detained."

Gluckman tells him: "I don't feel detained, I feel harassed."

A female voice from behind the camera says she agrees: "I think he is harassing you."

A six minute argument ensues, during which time the officer refuses to let go of Gluckman's bag.

Eventually four cops arrive at the scene – by which time Gluckman has finished his sandwich – and he is handcuffed.

Gluckman and the camerawoman again question the cops as to the harsh measures, with one officer suggesting Gluckman "matches a description" and that they had originally been called to reports of an intoxicated woman – but the relevance of this is unclear.

Following the incident, BART said in a tweet that "no matter how you feel about eating on BART, the officer saw someone eating and asked him to stop, when he didn't he was given a citation.


"We asked police why he was handcuffed and was told the individual was refusing to provide his name which is needed for citation and was lawfully handcuffed."

However, BART's Board Vice President Rebecca Saltzman said they are investigating the incident.

Local police confirmed that they were: "in the very early stages of collecting evidence," the San Francisco Examiner reports.

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