Shocking images show mutilated corpses with hearts and intestines ripped out at hellhole Brazilian prison after 31 lags were slaughtered in bloody riot

Shocking images show mutilated corpses with hearts and intestines ripped out at hellhole Brazilian prison after 31 lags were slaughtered in bloody riot

January 25, 2022

SOME 31 lags lay slaughtered, some with their hearts and intestines ripped out, in horrific images from inside a Brazilian prison where a riot led to a massacre.

A notorious gang is believed to have carried out the "killing spree" at Monte Cristo Prison, Boa Vista in the Brazlian state of Roraima.

Horrific images taken inside the jail posted online shows the bloody aftermath of the slaughter.

One of the snaps show inmates mutilated and piled over each other after being butchered to death.

Officers and heavily armed military-like riot squad were deployed to stem the violence.


Order was restored at the jail which only has capacity for 750 inmates – but there are 1,475 prisoners currently staying there.

Uziel de Castro, head of security for Roraima, blamed the violence on the Sao Paulo-based First Capital Command (PCC) drug gang.

"This is a national crises", he said.

“There was no confrontation, this was a killing spree,” said Castro. “It was barbaric. Some were beheaded, others had their hearts or intestines ripped out.”

It is the second time a major disturbance has unfolded in the country this week.

Around 60 people died in a fight between rival drug gangs at a jail in the city of Manaus on Sunday afternoon.

The uprising at Anisio Jobin prison reportedly kicked off because there was no water supply.

Last month, a group of fugitives who broke free from the Monte Cristo prison wasted no time in posing for selfies while on the run from police.

Some of the snaps show the criminals gloating about their escape by posing with a firearm.

According to the Policia Militar de Roraima, two of the escapees were killed in a police shoot-out after they were called to the area to try and recapture them.

In October, more than 100 visitors to the Agricola de Monte Cristo prison in north Brazil were taken hostage by weapon-wielding inmates before security services ended the siege.

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Investigators were seen at the scene where Adriano de Oliveira was killed in ManausCredit: Reuters
Police put up roadblocks and increased patrols around Manaus to hunt down more than 100 inmates who escaped from a prison last weekCredit: Reuters

Brazil’s prisons need 50 per cent more capacity to handle the current number of inmates, the country’s justice ministry have revealed in a report.

There are 1.67 prisoners for every available space in Brazil – and a staggering 2.59 prisoners in Amazonas state for every space, according to the report.

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