Shock new details of famed UFO encounter revealed after pilot who filmed strange craft gave secret evidence to senators

Shock new details of famed UFO encounter revealed after pilot who filmed strange craft gave secret evidence to senators

April 7, 2022

THE pilot who filmed one of the famed ‘Tic Tac’ UFO encounters has revealed shock new details about the encounter to senators.

Secret evidence given to lawmakers about a 2015 incident show the military man thought the craft was part of his training.

Heavily redacted statements about the incident were released to The Black Vault this week.

They read: "Towards the end of one of the night flights (redacted) was conducting during the at-sea period, he and his pilot detected an air contact via (redacted) coming from the east and heading towards the ship.

"Initially thinking it may be a simulated advisory aircraft as well part of the COMPTUEX scenario, he took a (redacted) lock to investigate further.

"The contact was at approximately (redacted)."


I’m a UFO expert – we’re ‘closing in on them’ and closer to the truth than ever

It goes on: "With a stable track file, the tow aircraft determined it was not a 'false hit' and they were able to gain a lock via the (redacted) which further indicated the vehicle had a (redacted).

"It  became clear via (redacted) the pilot maneuvered the (redacted to maintain (redacted)."

Three videos – one taken in 2004 and two in 2015 – were leaked to The New York Times three years ago.

Pilot Chad Underwood shot the 2004 video which shows the USS Nimitz "Tic Tac" incident .

That unfolded during carrier group exercises in the Pacific, off the coast of Mexico, with six pilots in total spotting the strange sight.

They described seeing a "Tic Tac-shaped" object about 40 feet long hovering some 50 feet above the water.

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The two incidents from 2015 show similar hovering objects.

Puzzled pilots can be heard questioning "What the f*** is that thing?!" as the UFO whizzes through the air.

Navy veteran Kevin Day said he was “laughed at, mocked and talked about” as he tried to recall what he saw in November 2004, the New York Post reports.

He posted on Facebook: "From 2004 until 2009 when I walked away from DOD out of frustration, I had tried in vain to get somebody, anybody, to listen to me.

“Yet, every time I tried to describe what we had witnessed out in SOCAL during TIC TAC, I was openly laughed at, made the butt of jokes, and once even asked by my then-boss just WTF I had been smoking.

“I also hold NAVY/DOD directly responsible for what I and others went through as a result of trying to uphold our own duty and simply do the job the American people paid and expected us to do."

Former fighter pilot Alex Dietrich, who was on a training mission when she spotted the Tic-Tac-shaped orb, said she wants to "normalize" the UFO debate by talking about her experience.

She told Reuters that she hopes people will speak about sightings without the fear of being ridiculed or mocked.

She said: “Folks might be concerned about their careers or their church or something like that. They don’t want to be the kooky UFO person, so I guess I’m trying to normalize it by talking about it.”

Secret US files released this week show the Pentagon researched the best way to contact aliens and communicate with a possible 4,590 extraterrestrial civilizations.

Witnesses have also alleged UFOs had sexual encounters with humans and even left one woman pregnant.

The wild claims were made in bombshell Pentagon documents obtained by The Sun from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as part of a huge Freedom of Information request.

UFO sightings can also leave witnesses suffering radiation burns, brain problems and damaged nerves, according to the newly released files.

Last year, the Pentagon released its long awaited report into what it knows about a series of mysterious flying objects that have been observed in military airspaces over the last two decades.

The report, released on the website of the Office of the Director for National Intelligence, examined 144 reports of encounters with what the government deemed “unidentified aerial phenomenon.”

It comes as the Pentagon is opening a new office to investigate UFOs, their origins and attempts to “capture or exploit” one of the mysterious craft after an amendment to a defence bill tabled in the US Senate.

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