Shaun White explains why comedian made him change his iconic look

Shaun White explains why comedian made him change his iconic look

February 18, 2022

Fresh off his trip to the Beijing Winter Olympics, snowboarder Shaun White swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. During the interview, the legendary athlete explained the reason he chopped off his famous red, long hair.

Nicknamed the Flying Tomato, White’s hair was a major part of his brand and image. Throughout the 2000s White dominated the global snowboarding and skateboarding scene, and his ruby locks graced the cover of dozens of magazines.

“So I had this long, red hair forever,” White explained. “And I was thinking about cutting it. And randomly I was on a trip to Las Vegas and I bumped into Carrot Top. I remember it being like meeting the ghost of Christmas Future.”

Carrot Top is a prominent comedian, who gets his name from his long, curly red hair. Apparently, the comedian regretted his decision to build all his branding around his hair. He issued a warning to White.

“He's like, ‘There's still time for you! I'm stuck like this, save yourself!’” White recalled Carrot Top saying.

“I was thinking, man, one more Olympics,” White told Carrot Top. “I might be running this for a long time. This is how people know me. He was like, ‘If you have the choice, this is me now, this is it.’”

In 2012, White made news when he cut his iconic hair. He not only donated his hair to Locks of Love, he also went on to claim a gold medal at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. So the moral of the story is always listen to Carrot Top’s hair advice.

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