Sexual harassment victim jailed for recording her boss’ lewd calls

Sexual harassment victim jailed for recording her boss’ lewd calls

July 5, 2019

Woman who reported her boss for sexual harassment is JAILED in Indonesia because she recorded one of his lewd phone calls as evidence

    A woman was jailed for six months in Indonesian capital Jakarta on Thursday for sharing ‘pornographic’ phone calls that she had recorded of an ex-boss. 

    Further to the custodial sentence, Baiq Nuril Maknun, 38, was also hit with a 500 million rupiah (£28,285) fine. 

    Maknun was a teacher on Lombok Island and began to receive lewd calls from the Principal of the school in 2012. 

    Baiq Nuril Maknun, pictured here in 2018, was jailed yesterday for six months for violating a controversial anti-pornography law after she distributed a recording of her sexual harasser (AFP)

    Maknun decided to record some of them, distributing the audio to a third person. 

    The messages left for Maknun included him recalling sex acts he’d performed with another member of staff. 

    Though she didn’t want to release the recordings, her friends convinced her to draw attention to his behaviour which was not limited to phone calls.

    Maknun’s opportunities to appeal have now run out and she is relying on new President Joko Widodo, pictured here during his election win speech, to intervene on her behalf (File photo)

    The Principal lost his job as a result and in 2015 he reported her to the police and she was tried under Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws.    

    The teacher was cleared of charges by a Lombok judge but the decision of the smaller court was overturned by the Supreme Court, meaning she will not be able to appeal again.  

    According to a court spokesman speaking to CNA, her case was thrown out because her crime ‘has been legally and convincingly proven.’

    Maknun’s lawyer said that her client will keep fighting the conviction and hopes that the Indonesian President Joko Widodo will do something to intervene. 

    In 2008, Indonesia passed its tough anti-pornography laws, backed largely by the country’s Muslim hardliners.  

    Indonesians downloading or possessing ‘indecent’ material can be slapped with four years in prison. 








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