Scary moment New Yorkers shoot fireworks at each other as injuries and complaints over illegal displays skyrocket – The Sun

Scary moment New Yorkers shoot fireworks at each other as injuries and complaints over illegal displays skyrocket – The Sun

June 19, 2020

THE frightening moment New Yorkers shot fireworks at each other was captured on video last night, as injuries and complaints over illegal displays continue to skyrocket.

In the footage, shared to social media on Thursday night, people appeared to be have a fight with Roman candle fireworks.

Fireballs were shot into the air and directly across to what seems like another group of people also firing back.

At one point in the video, crossfire appears to show two man run away from what seems to be a dangerous situation.

Smoke filled the air and created a war zone-like scene in what appears to be a residential area with grass, trees, and cars nearby.

It is unknown where exactly the footage was taken or if police responded to the scene.

The fiery footage comes one day after an 18-year-old man was hit in the chest while lighting off fireworks in the Bronx, according to the New York Post.

Around 5am on Wednesday morning, a 33-year-old Brooklyn man was struck in the chest after shooting fireworks inside his apartment.

Both incidents left the men in critical condition.

According to ABC7 News, firework complaints to 311 have escalated this month and spiked over the past few days when compared to 2019.

Within the first half of this month, 1700 calls were made to 311 about fireworks-related issues – unlike last year when only 25 reports were made, the report states.

On Sunday alone there were 455 fireworks-related complaints to New York City's noise complaint hotline.

A resident of upper Manhattan, Tanya Bonner, told Reuters: "We have been terrorized by the fireworks for weeks now.

"It is very bad up here. This area also has many essential workers – and they need rest."

Despite the ongoing backlash against police brutality amid George Floyd protests, the New York Police Department are continuing to make arrests and write summonses.

"Fireworks are illegal in New York City," New York Police Detective Sophia Mason said.

The New York City Fire Department also reportedly joined in on the use of illegal fireworks.

On Tuesday night in Brooklyn, local FDNY firefighters appeared to shoot off fireworks, a resident told the New York Post.

He told NY Post: “I thought it was young kids lighting it. And there are. But then I see the firefighters doing it — they should know better.

“As public servants, I feel like they should know better than to light fireworks at 11:30 at night. It’s completely brazen wantonness."

The FDNY is reportedly investigating the incident.

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