Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun who fled 'abusive' family is to fly to Canada

Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun who fled 'abusive' family is to fly to Canada

January 11, 2019

Thailand’s immigration chief said Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun would be leaving the country on Friday after she was granted asylum in Canada.

However, the office of Canada’s foreign minister said it could not confirm the 18-year-old had been granted asylum.

The developments come after the teenager, who will be flying from Bangkok to Seoul before taking a connecting flight to Canada, was given refugee status by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees on Wednesday.

The teenager responded to the news by tweeting a photo of herself with a Snapchat filter and the caption: “Hey… I’m happy.”

Earlier on Friday, several countries – including Canada and Australia – were in talks with the UN’s refugee agency to accept Ms Alqunun, who fears being killed by her relatives if she returns to Saudi Arabia.

The woman, who said her passport was seized after being stopped at an airport in Bangkok on Saturday, had barricaded herself in an airport hotel room and launched a social media campaign, drawing attention from around the world.

She was on her way to Australia when she was stopped by Thai authorities.

Her father and brother arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday with the intention of seeing her – but Thai police said she refused to meet them.

Several Saudi women fleeing abuse by their families have tried to seek asylum abroad in recent years but have been sent back home.

Human rights campaigners say many similar cases have gone unreported.

The teenager had written on her Twitter account, which now appears to have been taken down, that she wished to seek refuge in Australia.

Feminist author Mona Eltahawy, who has been tweeting about the case under the #SaveRahaf hashtag, said the teenager would be back online soon.

“I have heard from people in touch with Rahaf and she is safe and fine and will be back online soon,” she wrote. “I know there is a lot of love all over the world for her and you can all tell her that when she’s back online. #SaveRahaf.”

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