Runners compete in world’s coldest race in -61F temperatures in Russia

Runners compete in world’s coldest race in -61F temperatures in Russia

January 11, 2019

Ice-encrusted athletes compete in the world’s coldest race in temperatures of -61F in Russia – but nobody manages to finish it

  • The race was held in the village of Oymyakon in Russia’s remote Yakutia region 
  • Organisers said 16 runners took part in the marathon, but none finished the race 
  • Temperatures plunged to -61F before the race started then warmed to -54F 

It’s the ultimate test for marathon lovers – the coldest race in the world.

But it was so bitterly inhospitable that none of the 16 hardy participants – who resembled abominable snowmen with their faces caked in ice – managed to complete the full distance in the bone-cracking winter temperatures in Siberia.

The extraordinary glacial run was held at the Pole of Cold – the village of Oymyakon.

It is famous as the world’s coldest inhabited settlement in diamond-rich Yakutia region.

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Athletes were pictured with ice welded to their faces and balaclavas during the grueling competition

None of the 16 hardy participants managed to compete the bone-chilling race in rural Siberia

When participants were under starters order, thermometers registered a punishing minus 52C (minus 61F).

In future years, the organisers want to encourage foreign participants to run intros furnace oil cold but for this debut run only Russians braved this race in the freezer.

Racers varied in age from 21 to 71, say reports.

‘We wanted to make running in minus 45C and colder more popular, and to show that athletes can adapt to extremely low temperatures,’ Russian champion runner Yegor Abramov told The Siberian Times. 

Competitors were subjected to extreme temperatures of up to -61F as the ran around the course

Only Russian runners braved the weather for this year’s edition, although the organisers want more foreigners to compete

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‘We could see utter amazement in the eyes of tourists that travelled here from Australia, Taiwan, Japan and India to watch the world’s coldest race,’ added runner Sargylana Neustroyeva.

‘This was our first try at organising the extremely cold marathon.

‘Next year we are definitely doing another race, all athletes from around the world are welcome.’

Veteran Yegor Permyakov, 71, took two and a half hours to run nine and a half miles.

Youngest runner Innokentiy Olesov, 21, bowed out after one hour 8 minutes when he had completed 6.2 miles or ten kilometres.

The runners ranged in age from between 71 years old to just 21, although none were hardy enough to last the whole distance

The extraordinary glacial run was held in the village of Oymyakon in the remote Yakutia region of Russia

Head of Emissa village Ilya Pesterev ran just over 24 miles but was short of the marathon distance of 26.219 miles.

His time was 3 hours 53 minutes.

Four-time world and European marathon champion in marathon running Stepan Lytkin completed 20 kilometres or almost 12 and a half miles in 2 hours 25 minutes.

Russian and European champion marathon runner Valentina Dorguyeva took four hours exactly to complete 25km (15 and a half miles).

During the race the temperature became slightly milder – at the finish it was minus 48C.

This compares with the coldest-ever temperature recorded in Britain of minus 27.2C.

Two runners’ breaths turn to thick steam as they exhale after stopping for a moment during the run

A competitor pictured with a thick chunk of ice frozen to the front of his face after his breath froze

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