Runner gains massive following – for jogging in the shape of a penis

Runner gains massive following – for jogging in the shape of a penis

February 10, 2019

Going for a run in the winter can be hard, but a woman from New Jersey has discovered a way to make her exercise all the more entertaining.

Claire Pisano, also known as ‘D**k_Run_Claire’ on Instagram , has daily runs almost exclusively shaped like a penis.

The 33-year-old has become an Instagram sensation by mapping out penises with her running app and sharing the results online.

Claire, who now has more than 50,000 followers, first took up running aged 28 and mapped out her first ‘d**k run’ by accident in November 2015.

It happened when she went out for a jog whilst visiting relatives in Kansas and took a wrong turn.

Now fitness fanatics can’t get enough of her d**kruns and have even started to send her their d**kruns of their own.

The corporate sector worker said: "I encourage anyone and everyone to try a d**krun or two.

"Someone once sent me their map of a d**kswim, that was pretty impressive actually. I can’t swim in a straight line, let alone draw something.

"The first d**k run was a total accident at first. My brother had moved and I was visiting him. I went for a run and took a wrong turn.

"When I got back, I realised what I had accidentally drawn. From what I hear, most d**krunners start out this way. Obviously my friends thought it was funny so I kept it up."

Claire has taken part in two marathons, a dozen half marathons since taking up running and is already training for her third marathon in autumn this year.

Three-and-a-half years after d**krun was born, Claire says it can be tricky to make each drawing different from the one before.

She said: "I got into running because it was ‘me time.- although I always love running with friends. There’s nothing like a run to clear your mind and help you reset.

"The d**kruns are funny but there are some super talented people doing stravaart – really impressive and detailed drawings.

"It depends on the setting. I like the challenge in more rural areas, because you don’t have a lot of roads to work with, so I love finding a random ‘road d**k’.

"Sometimes they’re super obvious, and I am pretty sure there’s a league of town planners and transportation engineers who are all in on some inside joke making road d**ks in their towns."

Whilst some d**kruns come naturally, Claire says he spends hours online mapping out new runs. Claire said:: "I do spend an inordinate amount of time mapping out d**kruns.

"I travel for work and for fun, so I map them out anywhere I travel, I have so many mapped that I haven’t run yet."

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