Rudy Giuliani claims there’s evidence to OVERTURN Pennsylvania result as Republicans tell Trump ‘DON’T CONCEDE’

Rudy Giuliani claims there’s evidence to OVERTURN Pennsylvania result as Republicans tell Trump ‘DON’T CONCEDE’

November 12, 2020

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Fox News on Sunday claimed he has “a lot of evidence” to overturn the election results in states including Pennsylvania.

Giuliani said he had facts of ballot fraud on the network’s Sunday Morning Features show with anchor Maria Bartiromo, who had several other Trump allies on as guests urging Trump not to concede. 

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Bartiromo started by asking Giuliani, “What is the evidence the president has alluded to in terms of ballot fraud?”

Trump’s lawyer replied, “first of all, there’s a lot of evidence, let me see if I can summarize it by state,” and went into detail about Pennsylvania, which news outlets called for Democrat Joe Biden on Saturday.

Giuliani alleged that Trump’s team had 60 to 70 Republicans observing ballot counting in Philadelphia, and observers stationed in Pittsburgh who witnessed fraud. 

“In Pittsburgh, we have observers who were for 24 hours kept out of the room or kept away from the room where they were counting the mail-in ballots which of course are highly suspicious ballots. During that period of time, at least 135,000 ballots were counted,” Giuliani claimed. 

He explained that ballots came in late “in bundles” and “it looked very much like they were trying to make up the 700,000 difference,” referring to Trump’s earlier lead in Pennsylvania. 

Republican observers in Pittsburgh were “kept so far away they had to use binocular to see the ballots” and contend that about 300,000 were not valid, Giuliani claimed.

Trump’s lawyer said he has a video documenting that, plus 50 witnesses, and that the team will file a corresponding lawsuit on Monday for claims including “violating civil rights for conducting an unfair election” and violating equal protection by treating Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh different from the rest of the state.

Giuliani also alleged that 450,000 mail-in ballots were separated from envelopes so observers could not tell if they were valid.

He then said “you have to be stupid” not to figure out why state officials did not allow both sides to watch that process—“because for they days [Democrats] were laboring mightily to make up the 700,000 deficit they had in a city that is an epicenter of voter fraud.”

Giuliani added that the Trump team is putting together another legal challenge for vote backdating that amounts to 2,000 to 3,000 ballots. 

“You put that all together, now we’re up to about 8-to-900,000 votes that were completely invalid, and we’ve only had three days of investigation,” Giuliani said. 

Bartiromo then asked Giuliani, “If this was systemic and you’ve got all this evidence, where is the DOJ?”

Trump’s lawyer replied: "Uh uh, the answer to that is, I don’t know and I can’t worry about it.”

Also on the show, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said that “every legal challenge should be heard” and criticized Fox News for calling crucial states for Biden. 

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Bartiromo that Trump should continue his legal challenges and that “this is a contested election.”

“Do not concede, Mr. President. Fight hard,” Graham said. 

Republican Senator Ted Cruz opined it is “premature” for Trump to concede and that “we do not know at this point who won the election."

Meanwhile, Senator Mitt Romney expressed a different view from his Republican colleagues. 

On CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday morning, Romney said he listened to allegations from GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and thinks “no one has alleged something at such a sufficient scale that it would change the outcome” of the election. 

“There’s just no evidence,” Romney said.

“I would prefer the world to be watching more graceful departure.” 

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