Royal Children’s Hospital advises patients to go elsewhere

Royal Children’s Hospital advises patients to go elsewhere

December 5, 2022

Victorians are being told to avoid visiting the Royal Children’s Hospital’s emergency department where possible as the service experiences unprecedented demand.

An alert issued by the hospital on Monday afternoon said an extremely high number of presentations of extremely ill children meant those with less serious conditions could expect to wait up to 12 hours for care.

Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.Credit:Chris Hopkins

Staff have already volunteered to work extra shifts and a call has gone out to unrostered staff to come in on their day off.

“With extremely high levels of acuity of our already admitted inpatients, it is not safe to discharge patients to free up beds,” a statement said.

“We will always treat the most seriously ill children first which unfortunately means some patients with less serious conditions may experience longer wait times.”

When the alert was issued, there were already more than 90 patients waiting in the emergency department.

If your child is critically ill, always call 000.

However, the hospital was asking families with children with less serious conditions to try Nurse on Call on 1300 60 60 24 or the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department.

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