Rep. Paul Gosar trolls Nancy Pelosi with claim he ‘found’ torn State of the Union

Rep. Paul Gosar trolls Nancy Pelosi with claim he ‘found’ torn State of the Union

February 7, 2020

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona went viral Thursday with a tweet claiming he rummaged through Capitol Hill trashcans and found the copy of the State of the Union speech that Nancy Pelosi tore in half.

The joke became apparent upon inspecting the attached image. The jaggedly torn paper included annotations attributed to Pelosi including “orange man bad” and “look sober” with sober crossed out and replaced by “somber.”

The former dentist delighted fellow Republicans but enraged Democrats sore about Trump’s Wednesday impeachment acquittal by the Senate.

“BREAKING: It occurred to me trash day at the Capitol is Tuesday and Friday. I went to the trash bins and found the ripped up copy of @realDonaldTrump #SOTU speech,” Gosar wrote on Twitter.

“I delicately taped it and will give to Library of Congress. I think the Speaker wrote her notes on it too,” he wrote.

“This is EPIC LEVEL troll! My god it’s glorious,” wrote a supportive Twitter user.

Opponents of Gosar and Trump weren’t laughing about his joke at the expense of the House speaker, who ripped up her copy of the speech Tuesday night.

“Not hard to figure out why your own family campaigned against you,” wrote a non-fan, recalling a 2018 attack ad against the pro-border wall Arizonan.

“This is why there aren’t any conservative comedians,” sneered another detractor.

Venting their outrage, yet another tweeted: “Dumpster. At least you know your place.”

Gosar’s spokesman Ben Goldey confirmed that the paper was not fished out of the trash.

“That was a joke. And that Twitter account is not monitored or maintained by congressional staff,” Goldey wrote.

Pelosi’s office has not answered questions about the whereabouts of the papers, which she waved in the air as she left the House chamber.

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