Rent-a-Santas group who visit families to spread Christmas joy

Rent-a-Santas group who visit families to spread Christmas joy

December 6, 2020

Rent-a-Santas group who visit families to spread Christmas joy gather in Berlin to practise their ‘Ho-ho-hos’ through face masks

  • Santa fans gathered in Berlin ahead of Christmas for the annual Rent-a-Santa
  • The Santas can be booked for company events and large Christmas parties 
  • One of the Santas said families this year will have to ventilate their homes 
  • He also said that people booking a Santa ahead of Christmas should wear masks 

A group of Germans dressed as Santa and angels who rent themselves out over the Christmas period gathered in Berlin on Saturday, keen to spread joy and practise their ‘Ho-ho-hos’ even though they have to wear masks.

Most years, several hundred ‘Rent-a-Santa’ meet at the beginning of the Christmas season in Germany, but this year just a few dozen got together, keeping their distance outside at the disused Tempelhof airfield in Berlin.

The Santas and Christmas angels can be booked for company events, shopping malls, restaurants, and kindergartens, and they can be hired to visit families on Christmas Eve.

One of the Santas, Andreas Penski, said they ask families to ventilate their homes before a visit and wear masks.

‘We won’t be singing carols to avoid the burden of the aerosols and we will be keeping the distance to the families and the children when taking pictures or giving out presents,’ he said.

Another Santa, Alex Meissner, said: ‘This year is special; this year is different. We have a problem with the coronavirus but that won’t stop us from bringing happiness and joy to the children.’

While Germany managed to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control in March and April, it is now dealing with a more deadly second wave and has closed restaurants and bars, while keeping schools and shops open.

A group of Germans dressed up as Santa to rent themselves out to spread goodwill in December

These Santa actors gathered beside a vintage C-54 aircraft at the former Berlin-Tempelhof airfield

Unlike previous years, the assembled Santas were wearing face masks and shields 

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The various Santas stood on the apron of the airfield and tried out their ‘ho ho hos’ 

The Santas and the angels did not want to let the Covid-19 crisis interfere with their fun

This young lady wearing a mask was standing on the apron of the airstrip in Berlin, Germany

This santa stood wearing gloves and a mock up of the dreaded Covid-19 virus in his left hand

After arriving at the airstrip the santas made their way towards customs and baggage reclaim

This woman was carrying a small model of  a santa ahead of the ceremony in Berlin

These Santa fans stood beside the historic C-54 aircraft in a hangar in Berlin last night

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