Remainers' crazy Brexit wrecking clauses could make the chaos they fear many times worse

Remainers' crazy Brexit wrecking clauses could make the chaos they fear many times worse

January 9, 2019

Last night’s Commons defeat looks like the first of many. It prevents Chancellor Philip Hammond altering tax rates to fund no-deal disruption.

But it is a crazy and dangerous strategy for Remainers.

They say they will do anything to avoid a No Deal. But if it does somehow happen anyway — as it currently will by default — they will have crippled the Government’s ability to deal with it.

Their wrecking clauses could make the chaos they fear many times worse.

We despair at these MPs hell-bent on sabotaging Brexit. They voted overwhelmingly to hold the referendum which voters were assured was binding.

They voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50 and launch the exit process.

They stood for election on manifestos promising to see Brexit through, including leaving the Single Market and, in the Tories’ case, the Customs Union.

They intend to honour none of them.

Some want the abysmal “Norway Plus” — EU membership without the votes. Some want a second referendum, a dishonest ruse to reverse the first.

Others pretend they believe Brexit must happen, while trying to scupper it by making “no deal” unworkable but without a majority for anything else.

Politicians’ stock has been at rockbottom since the expenses scandal.

Wait until hundreds betray three of the biggest promises they have ever made.

Soft landing

THE bleeding-hearts who plead on behalf of alleged refugees turning up on the Kent coast should read our migrant smuggling investigation.

These purported victims of war or persecution spend £6,000 apiece to cross the Channel illegally using a criminal operation run from the UK.

They were safe in France, of course, but they know that in Britain “they never send you back”.

This trafficking operation and any others must be shut down.

Otherwise, when the weather improves, the current trickle will become a flood.

We need Huw

THIS year’s Strictly already looks like being a belter. But it is missing one fleet-footed performer.

Quickstep forward, then, Huw Edwards.

The veteran BBC newsman has shed three stone, won a load of new female fans and would be fabulous . . . whether he can foxtrot or not.

He joked yesterday that he was ­canvassing public opinion as to whether he should sign up.

Well, The Sun has some news for him:

Britain wants you, Huw.

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